Josh Herring – SATAN'S PRAYER PATTERN I Time of Harvest l Pentecostal


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  1. Praise the Lord Rev.Josh it's awesome to hear your powerful voice God bless you . please keep me in prayer and my mom and dad for spiritual breakthrough .that the Lord will resurrect us Spiritually in the Mighty glorious name especially pray 🙏 for my dad he's spiritually dead .we need revival in my house I request each and every one to keep my dad Neil in prayer 🙏 I'm from Pakistan Karachi.

  2. Luke 18:5 Yet because this widow troubleth me, I will avenge her, lest by her continual coming she weary me.

    To beg or supplicate God for deliverance is perfectly fine. Humbleness of heart clothed with humility will get Gods attention!!!!

  3. Amen Hallelujah i believe my God can do anything he is a miracle working GOD thank you Lord Jesus for family miracle for saving allmy families in the name of Jesus Christ my saviour

  4. What an awesome POWERFUL message. Soooooo right. We're not beggars. We're royalty and have the right if you're in right standing with God can go boldly to His Throne. God doesn't sweat about it. He just does it. Have to have faith!!!!! Awesome message! Thank you! 🙏🔥💥


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