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Official Music Video for “Excess Love” by JJ Hairston & Mercy Chinwo

Get this track here: http://smarturl.it/JJMiracleWorker

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/JJ_Hairston
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jjhairston
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  1. I'm not a Christian but this song is part of my meditation. My mind connects with my body and I feel a sense of inexplainable calm. When I hear the song I imagine all the good I've experienced in my life and for that moment everything bad is insignificant. There is beauty in finding peace with your spirit ❤

  2. God has been marvelous since I met Jesus. I lost my job during the pandemic. I have an interview next Tuesday and I testify ahead of time of success. Jesus loves me too much!

  3. I started following the wrong things in life. Started smoking at 16 got addicted to weed. Was very angry always cussing. Had barely any love to give. Was broken and didn’t understand life! I met God again for who He truly is. Got to know Him and His song and the Holy Spirit and I’ve been completely transformed by the Most High!! For that I can attest that Jesus love me too much! When I didn’t deserve His love and was in the world breaking His heart even after I knew the truth He stuck by me and pour His love into me!! And spoke life into me!


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