JESUS SAYS, "IT IS OVER!!!" | Powerful Prayer With Prophet TB Joshua

Join Prophet TB Joshua in this anointed time of prayer at The SCOAN and let God’s presence saturate your spirit, soul and body to bring healing, deliverance and freedom, in the name of Jesus Christ!

“Rain on us, LORD – Your Spirit of deliverance!” – TB Joshua


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  1. "Right now, it is possible you may not believe yourself but believe Jesus! Jesus says, 'It is OVER!' Jesus says, 'You are HEALED!' Jesus says, 'You are DELIVERED!' Jesus says, 'You are BLESSED!' Jesus says, 'You are SAVED!' " – Prophet TB Joshua

  2. Je remercie mon Dieu car j'ai été délivrée à travers le prophète TB Joshua en vomissent tout le poison dans mon corps et tant d'autres choses dans ma vie. merci beaucoup pour ma guérison, mon seigneur et sauveur Jésus-Christ j'ai vécu avec sa pendant 20 Ans mais cette année, mon Dieu a dit ta souffrance est finie . Je suivais les messages vidéos, des chaînes de délivrances de TB Joshua sur Internet. I'm very happy Jesus for ur love and Grace. May Lord continue to bless you Emmanuel. All this in Jesus name.

  3. Thank you Jesus Christ of Nazareth for making it possible for healing me and my family. By your blood you crushed principalities and powers that is what you do. No one is like you father.

  4. I prayed this prayer and got healed instantly and permanently.After that I want for an interview behold I got the job in Jesus name 🙏.I will never go back from The God of T. B Joshua.believe brethren I request you, God is pleased by a believing heart.Thank you my Jesus.


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