Jesus on the cross||Sadhguru V/S Ravi zacharias

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Sadhguru speak on Jesus on the cross and Ravi Zacharias has deepest meaning why Jesus on the cross.

This video create to add value and give you knowledge of world view about religion.
* This video also use for teaching purpose.
* This video has no negative impact on the original work.
Watch Ravi Zacharias If all others religions claim to be truth, then how Christianity make that claim and think Christianity is the only true religion.
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  1. Sadhuguru has no idea why we bow down to Jesus Christ. God himself came in flesh and died on the cross for our sins and rose on the 3rd day. Therefore, we bow down to him. Through Jesus Christ we're saved.

  2. Religious bullshit will always be more popular than the actual truth found in that religion because people love to hear how fantastic their idols are. Christians like taking mystical things out of context for the same reason many people like watching Dwayne Jonson knock John Cena in the face, they like a good show and a good story even more so than they want peace.

  3. It's soo sad that people here didn't actually understand what sadguru meant! Wat sadguru meant was what if Jesus r Krishna existed r not? Their life has taught us to B in right path, to B in peace harmony do good deeds in life. Whether Jesus s God r Krishna s God doesn't matter!! Dat was wat sadguru said! It's soo sad that people can't get it! Period.

  4. Saving the whole humanity from eternal punishment is not a successful life?? Sacrificing your own life for others is not successful life?? Resurrecting 3 days later is not successful defeat of death?? If sadghurus family was in a small circle and someone threw a grenade trying to kill them and a random guy jumped on the grenade to save them all, will he say at his funeral that the guy wasn’t worthy of praise?

  5. Shiva didn't exist? What does it matter to you….oh I forgot …..if that so called Shiva didn't not exist how can you dance on that maha Shivaratri….
    Shiva…who didn't acknowledge his son…and that son who didn't acknowledge his father….and both are god's…and people do that so called dances on festival's of both father and son…..
    And you jagadeesh alias Jaggi killed your wife. .here to say the truths…
    Putting apart all these arguments… remember on the judgement day .. you're gonna definitely regret for this….but no use…

  6. all that learning, that faith in Jesus did not save Ravi Zacharias. He died before he could publicy confess his sins. All that talk of faith and Jesus, yet he has been shown guilty of sexual abuse and misconduct. The classic Evengelist Minister saying "Do what I say. Don't do what I do."

  7. Sir JESUS CHRIST didn't come to live a luxurious life but die for the sins of the world so that believing in HIS perfect sacrifice and His being rising up from the dead will give us eternal life. He is the only Saviour of this world. Amen. 😊

  8. Hope one day all Christ believers.. Start seeking Jesus within themself n cosmos.. may This great union (yoga) enlighten them than just being believing something they have not experienced…. Love you all

  9. Nail on the cross was not successful ? If it's not considered success , then what is successful? To live a long life in this world ? To follow the empty pointless things ? To live for yourself? Wisdom is knowing that all those things came to fail , that it all didn't matter in the end !! People are treasuring the things of that world , is that wisdom ?! People live serving themselves or serving other people like them but it's like any of us know what really matters , it's not like we know what is enough , isn't that why God sent his Son to pay the price of our foolishness ?! Jesus had a mission given by God , He accomplished it!! What is wisdom then ?To serve that world where there is no peace or to serve God that has the right thing for us? Jesus accomplished his mission , so in what way did He not succeed ?!

  10. Mr.Sadhguru ,you are speaking about this worldly life to sucessful..Jesus died on the cross and shed his holy blood by living holy successful life to reedem mankind ,to give eternal life in heaven..he is without sin..because there is no forgiveness without shedding of blood his blood many crores are delivered from sin,addictions, and successful ..,successful in their career ,without jesus there is no history( bc and ad) he said that these people dont know that he exists before the creation as they crucifying him

  11. The guy mr. Ravi says so emphatically about the events as if he was there…and all the believers have this same issue……

    Religion has become a history.

    May all the believers become the seekers one day, the way Sadhguru wants us…

    Thank you.

    Now start typing your beautiful words😉 if any…..down below

  12. I suggest sadguru to read bible and understand why jesus died at the age of 33. I wonder how he simply talk like that about jesus death..
    People who are sitting and listening your ceremony they might know why jesus died at the age of 33.
    No need to read bible.. Just ask anyone who used to attended your ceremony they will explain to you why jesus died.

    Always remember.. People who are listening by sitting on the ground are having more intellectual than the preachers.
    So better always speak the truth.

    May god give you the grace to teach the truth.

  13. Sadhguru is trying to say Jesus, Krishna or Prophet Mohamed are all one and it does not matter if they really existed or not, he is not really interested in propagating religion.. unfortunately the latter is propagating religion in the name of Christ.. Not sure Christians will ever get close to understanding who Christ really was unless they let go of their identity of being called a Christian..

  14. Sadguru ko Jesus ke bare me malum nahi he… Jab unho ne age 32 kaha…..Kis liye apna jiban Jesus ne de dia..Jesus apna, jiban dene ke liye he aya tha. Sadguru ji. Taki hum log save ho..

  15. It seems ,this man j.vasudev(sadguru) still believes his own religion was he was offered to speak about jesus.He definitely speaks jesus as a inferior ,,Because to know/believe in jesus one must&should hear or read GOSPEL ,,just accounting as a partly manner willnot give fullfillment,,,
    Generally -when he says just the crufixion in a blind manner WITHOUT CONSIDERING THE CONTEXT OF THE BIBLE.Tht LORD JESUS told /JOHN the baptist WITNESSED -HIS WORK on earth was to PREACH GOSPEL OF GOD,HOLY LIFE, HIS COMPENSATION TO GLOBAL MANKIND SIN's)He(j.vasudev) missed those crucial,vital,globally,scholarly,Philosophically,Authentically,More over from HEAVEN sealed PHROPHETIC realization statements,,,,,So,first read bible yourself with a clean heart and unbiased ,preloaded decisions filled heart,.
    ALSO learn here only,that,,when real one came the duplicate and fake will disappear,thats why jesus told I AMTHE WAY,TRUTH&THE LIFE-Throuh his valuble,sacrimental blood only we reach our creator GOD..No need to speak successfill life quotes,successfull life,,,(its a blind mind that -only one life ,enjoy it as per u r wish,),,But a wise will pay the value to LAW of GOD,,,which Demands a serious pay,,,,,To make us free from SERIOUS PUNISHMENT -Jesus died&risen from grave,,,Until you believe in jesus you will never say,,,the truth,,u will be binded by SIN,fear,Blind,Vague ,,,,,,,,,CHRISTIAN APOLOGETICS ARE so for different to worldly understandings and brings clarity on real life,,,,Moreover GOSPEL makes you sense of LIFE,Eternal life,TRUTH,,,many more,,
    Degrading the GOD,to image of snake,rat,tree,animals,,how much foolish it was?as humans we wre made in the image of GOD ,filled with intellectual,MORAL,order many aswell,,,reversly these humans worshipping the CREATION RATHER THAN CREATER,,What a foolish ness of people..Rather than correcting this ,they advocate this with philosphy of varoius suppoting arguments which were established by man himself,,,FOR THE GOD IS SPIRIT-EHOEVER WORSHIP HIM SHOULD WORSHIP HIM WITH SPIRIT&TRUTH…..


  17. Ravi Zacharius Him himself accused by sexual misconduct… & He is defining all this things. Now.

    We respect Jesus. That's an another point. As we Indian people think This need not be done to him by his Jewish and Romans.. Conspiracy. Why they Killed such an innocent person like Jesus. It should not be done to him. Nopee… Actual sinners are Abrahamic Jewish and Romans.. Who put Jesus On Cross.. it shouldn't be done at all. They are sinner…. This two Community "Jewish and Romans"

  18. Sadhguru has certainly come ahead of his time, so people would normally miss him just as they missed Jesus Christ, while he was alive…..They not only missed him, but also accused him of blasphemy and crucified him… Didn't they?? ….. His disciple, Judas Iscariot betrayed him!!! . See how his own disciple missed the godliness in him, even after in close contacts with him… This is how most of the people are….. When the Rabbi(Jesus) or Guru (Sadhguru) is around, they would miss him……. Soon after they leave their physical body, they would worship them… No wonder Sadhguru was misunderstood……When Jesus was alive people around him called Rabbi, which means Guru…..

    The second guy (Ravi Zacharias) is very bookish, was repeating some statement like a parrot…..

  19. Somebody please tell that Sadhguru that successful life isn't everything. So many successful people are devoid of joy in this world, so many commit suicide and what not. The only joy and peace one can get is in Jesus, everything else wears out with time.


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