Jesus I Need You – Hillsong Worship (2015 New Worship Song with Lyrics)

Hillsong Worship – Jesus I need You, Album: Open Heaven/River Wild, Year: 2015

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Jesus I need You Lyrics

“Jesus I Need You”

Hope be my anthem
Lord when the world has fallen quiet
You stand beside me
Give me a song in the night

Jesus I need You
Every moment I need You
Hear now this grace bought heart sing out
Your praise forever

Beauty for ashes
You find the weak and contrite heart
Shoulder its burdens
And carry it into the light

Remember love
Remember mercy
Christ before me
Christ behind me
Your loving kindness
Has never failed me
Christ before me
Christ behind me


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  1. Thank you God for everlasting love that you payed on the cross for my sins so I can save, thank you lord please watch over my children they need you father, I only have you Lord, here I am I belong to you all of me.

  2. This song popped in my head tonight I'm feeling really lustful and I need Jesus to give me peace to overcome the temptation and lust in my heart I don't wanna be this way lord help me 🙏amen

  3. Its time to thank Jesus that we have Him..worship Him for all He has done and receive our sonship…stand in His authority and see wonders happen.Change your position from a crying orphan to a rejoicing son! It totally changed our lives and will yours too! God bless you!!

  4. Please pray for my wife Adriana and I. She’s been wandering and turned from the Lord, running to sin as opposed to our Lord and Savior. I trust God will bring her back, heal our marriage, bring full restoration according to His enduring love and mercy. I wait upon the Lord expectantly! Please pray for her to return to the Lord and for our marriage in Jesus’ mighty name! That the demonic strongholds, demonic influences, shackles of sin be broken in Jesus name, according to His perfect timing. May He develop what’s necessary in me during this painful trial for His glory, for His purpose, for His plan! She says, “Let Him keep coming after me. I need that because I won’t go back to Him on my own”. I know the power of prayer and the God I serve. There is no mountain too big!! Thank you all, love you.

  5. The true light of Salvation, Jesus Christ is LORD.
    He liveth forever, the son of DAVID, the one and only begotten son of JEHOVAH GOD. WE LOVE ❤️ YOU LORD.

  6. I can’t listen to this song without crying. We don’t deserve this wonderful gift of salvation, but Jesus paid the price for us to be with him forever. God bless you all. Big hugs.

  7. Who could never not love this song,inspirational, well put together and well delivered,,,, great song, love it,,,,I listened to this song in times of my devotion, beautiful, beautiful song.

  8. I want to share Supernatural Powerful Healing that Jesus did when I was 1 and half years old:

    I had 5 more minutes to live. My grandmother was looking for me all night in the hospital and found me dying on the table, she told me. Then 5 minutes before I died, my grandmother said that she saw Jesus come into the surgery room where I was dying and took away the damaged organs and the new organs that Jesus was holding in his hand.

    Jesus healed me completely. My Grandmother couldn't even look at Jesus with so much Light that came from the presence of Jesus.

    I thank Jesus giving me new life by giving me new organs. Amen

  9. Jesus, you are just so good. Jesus, I need you. Jesus you love me so much. Thank you, Jesus for YouTube. Thank you, Jesus for Pieguyrulz. Thank you, Jesus for the wheatisheat96. Thank you, Jesus for Hey Arnold. Thank you, Jesus for life.


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