Jehovah Witness Challenge Pastor Gino Jennings | Says There Is No Hell & Jesus Is Not God Almighty

11th National Holy Convocation
Recorded on 07-04-99 in Philadephia PA HQ
Digitally Remastered 

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  1. Yes Amen Spirit And Truth Thank You Truth Of God Broadcast Program With Pastor Gino Jennings & Elder Williams For The Message With Out This Teaching I Would Be Lost I'm Grateful & Thankful For The Truth ..

  2. AsThe YLShaddayTitle Name Yahuweh God comes prom the greek word Theos that mean demon yn the greek dyctyonary no Jesus latin greek word that mean earth- pig check that name yn numbers you get 666 so Jesus ys the name op the beast correctly Yahushuah HaMeshyach the truth cannot be found yn the KJV because yt hawe 300.00 errors around the 15th bible to be written yn English only Yahuweh YLShadday through Yahushuah Ha Meshyach Jehovah a1520 created name but used por the first tyme yn 1864 The Emphatic Diaglott lord comes prom the word baal that mean master title op a slawe owner no holy ghost correcty The Qodesh Power no churches no religions they are all man-made must be called by The Name OP Yahuweh Shalom

  3. White people sure did mess up black people minds with crazy religion.
    Listen to this nonsense!!!! Poor Gino been brainwashed since he was a baby..he's fanatical! Yet he is beating the hell out of the other confused so call believers…

  4. I got mad respect for Brother Jennings bt, the guy that sent u that letter doesn’t know the Bible fully kuz, JWs preach directly from the bible and, say the same thing u say bro. Jesus is King of Kings Gods of Gods bt Our Heavenly Father is the ruler of the whole universe and his begotten son will rule the heavens and earth wth the Almighty Blessings. They knock on ppl doors to deliver GODS word to help ppl Kum hopefully into the truth n get baptized. It’s also called fellowship if wrk out Brothers and Sisters. Pastor Jennings my GPa was a Elder at his congregation and he always told me anything u want to know about life and how to live life is in the Bible. The dude said he was gon sock u is not a All the way JW bekuz, one he don’t have to prove nothing to no1 kuz, the Bible is presented everywhere n it’s there whether books are missing out of it from Genesis to Revelation Gods law is their. Yes diff religion say it diff bt, it’s the samething almost. I think it’s no such thing as religion bt, Gods Law is universal for everyone so religion don’t matter just knowing the truth. I’m not a JW bt they preach the word str8 from the Bible n are good ppl. Some don’t got a full understanding yet that’s all

  5. Thank you for revealing the truth about God. There are too much fault teachings and people accepting false teachings because they don't seek God directly by themselves by the holy spirit.

  6. Again…everything written in scripture is not put there by The Most High! Which is why we are admonished to rightly divide the word of truth! And the "lord" was put in scripture to replace the actual name of The Most High! His name He Himself told to Moses and it was not "Jehovah"!

  7. Stop with the lies! Jesus is not the name of the son of The Most High! The letter J was not even around when he walked the earth! Hebrew and Greek had no letter J! You Mr. Jennings, must know this! Which means the name Jehovah is also not the name of The Most High!

  8. So…wait a minute! You say God went into Jesus the man making Jesus God? Then who was Jesus praying to in heaven when he was on earth when God was in him on earth? If Jesus is Almighty God which you claim he is…and he died, god died? He cannot be eternal! The fact that He God died removes that possibility! It is written God cannot be tempted with sin but Satan tempted Jesus with sinning more than once! You Mr. Jennings in all your arrogance and fake speaking voice, well practiced though it may be, are "NOT" a representative of The Most High but are a well practiced deceiver swollen with wicked pride who has learned to use just enough of the truth to fool the unlearned and unstable with the mixture of lies! You had better repent otherwise the hell that you preach will be your home for as long as you last in it!

  9. Are you actually saying that The Most High through His spirit had relations with another man's wife, breaking His own law against adultery an act which required anyone committing such an act to be put to death? Everything that our enemies and the enemies of The Most High have written in what they call the "Greek Scriptures" is not put there by The Most High! The Most High would not go in unto another man's wife and He would not tell us to drink the blood of any man which is what the Catholics teach happens when you drink the blood of Jesus! He would not even suggest anything close to resembling it. Nor would He turn around and give a vision telling Peter to kill and eat unclean things after He had made it very clear for centuries through His "law" forbidding it! The Most High does not change! He is not fickle and He doesn't change!

  10. To consume with fire means to burn up completely! It doesn't mean to burn and torment those burning forever and ever! That is Billy Graham's teaching not The Most High! Sodom and Gomorrah are not still burning today! They were set ablaze and were burnt up! But it is written that those of those cities will stand in judgement against the future wicked as a sign! Just because fire burns and the flames of it rise upward forever which smoke from a fire does, does not mean that those who are burnt by those fires are tormented in them forever! Make a life of sin which is not eternal equal to and deserving of an eternity of torment in flames! You cannot!

  11. The Most High said "there is no god with me" which means that He is The Most High alone. He is not a trinity which the Catholics teach along with some others. If Jesus is in fact Almighty God, making him equal to The Father then what is The Father? They both cannot be God! The Most High cannot be Almighty and die at the hands of man! Jesus cannot be Almighty and die at the hands of man! The Most High cannot die! He has no beginning and He has no end! That is according to His own words and He cannot lie but someone is lying!

  12. The issue is not whether The Most High destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah with fire or brought about the flood which destroyed life except for 8 person's. The issue is whether The Most High is going to torment His creation (mankind) in the fire for eternity! Which would be very Satanic indeed!

  13. Proverbs 16:18, that kind of ‘pride’ you show when trying to humiliate others is just so clear for the scripture, no doubt there. If it wasn’t that you keep showing in youtube I won’t waste my time listening to someone ‘yelling’ out the scriptures, there were couple of so called teachers in the past. Your shoutings are not of joy for the God, but for hatred toward men! Stop misusing scriptures, you poor evil minded, as God is not a Man and never will be, you keep shouting those scripture trying to prove somehow the pagan hell, while the other poor human shouts as a human echo in the back, but failing miserably to find the torture in the scriptures, wounding and killin has nothing to do with torture of eternity, only a weak flesh-oriented brain of such a failure as you are, cant think (and sadly preach) that God Almighty has a mind of men. Only men are not satisfied with death, while scriptures say: wages of sin is death! I just hope you meet one of these two: the One who visited Ananias, or a wise person who would slap the trash out of you, and maybe, just maybe, save your life!

  14. Pastor Gino may GOD.bless u until ur last day on hearth. cause no one want to teach the words of GOD the way its suppose to my brother just keep on preaching. until ur father call u


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