It's Your Door | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church

How are you defending what God gave you?

In “It’s Your Door,” Pastor Steven teaches us the importance of putting practices in place that will guard our hearts when the enemy attacks.

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0:00 – Elevation Worship Summer Tour!
0:46 – Getting The Word Of God In Your Heart
3:17 – Practical Strategies For Spiritual Battles
5:27 – A Quick History Lesson
7:12 – Your Soul Is Like A City
10:26 – What Have You Let In?
12:36 – A Deeper Look At Nehemiah
16:32 – It’s Your Door
20:01 – Letting Fear In Your Heart
22:03 – Setting Doors In Place
23:48 – An Invitation From The Enemy
26:13 – You Don’t Have To Go
31:51 – You Belong To The Light
34:23 – Nothing Is Vulnerable Unless It’s Valuable
36:08 – How Open Are Your Doors?
39:59 – No Power Until You Change The Pattern
42:51 – What Are You Doing About The Attack?
45:44 – Setting Paise At The Gates
49:46 – The Enemy Is After Your Purpose
51:45 – Keep The Doors Shut While It’s Dark
55:06 – A Season Of Shut Up
59:10 – Getting Serious About Our Minds
1:01:24 – How Are You Defending What God Gave You?

Scripture References:
Nehemiah 6, verses 1-4
Nehemiah 7, verses 1-3
Proverbs 25, verse 28
Joshua 6, verses 1 & 10
Revelation 3, verse 20

It’s Your Door | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church


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  1. I had to rewind to listen to some parts again. Took so many notes. So powerful. Wow. I never thought of my soul as a city that I am responsible for and need to protect. Inspired to include this in my journal to reflect weekly on my city and the doors that are still open. Thank you so much, Pastor Steven.

  2. Jesus's occupation was of "carpentry". (a carpenter)= the trade of a carpenter; the work produced by a carpenter; the way in which something esp a work of literature, is structured. carpenter= a person who builds or repairs wooden structures, as houses, scaffolds, or shelving; to make by carpentry; to construct in a mechanical or unoriginal fashion; two-wheeled carriage ( Celtic) carpet= a covering of this; to cover or furnish with or as if with a carpet.

  3. This is the third time i am listening to this sermon. It came at such an opportune time. God's timing. I came so close to making a poor decision just as God is opening a door for me. God bless this mighty man of God. May God continue to use him.

  4. Oh how great is our father he knew i needed this, just this morn i was praying for a answer praying for help and here he puts me on this. Thank you for this and thank you father for the person who delivered it.

  5. I am not in the united states, but i'm in the pacific islands in the country of Samoa. It is small, we have villages and a city. And i thank you for spreading the Word to lost souls who needed it. Glory is all to God.

  6. I’m 40 weeks and 4 days pregnant. My baby gets active and worships with me every single time I play this. I’m going to play this on repeat in my delivery room, as I could not think of a better time to worship and praise God. ❤


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