Is God Listening? Are Your Prayers for Marriage Restoration Being Heard?

Are your prayers for marriage restoration being heard? Are you walking away from prayer feeling defeated and hopeless? Is your heart growing hard and bitter? We talk about this today!

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  1. Thank you for sharing all your experience and knowledge, it really helps to hear from someone that already passed through all this pain. I’m in this painful moment, where my husband wants to leave me after 21 years of marriage and go with the other woman.

  2. And yeah,I was already starting to transform to more humbke,patience,compassion and change/mature as a person before I was hit with all this in April 2020,granted I had alot to grow,this just pushed it into hyperdrive.. this all started 2nd week of April 2020,this year and a half has been an in home "Stand" up to this point(August 2021),I've been sleeping on the couch since April 2020..
    But my wife has gotten a room to rent and is moving out in 2 days..
    I don't understand why she feels she has to leave,I dont understand this,there's no arguing or anything between us,like in the years past,I've become a very humbled man,and there's no physical violence or anything(she's not a battered wife or anything).. Point is,this is her choosing,and it doesn't have to be,we've been together for 28yrs years,married for 21yrs,raised 5 children(3 are late teens,other 2 out on their own,and 2 grandchildren)

  3. Ok,and yeah,I'm getting the"Righteous" but I'm a sinner,even though I believe in God and believe Yeshua to be my savior,my salvation,the messiah,so how can a sinner be Righteous at the same,and so does that mean my prayers,tears,and pain go unheard by Yeshua and God?

  4. You are really a godsend for me. Listening to you feels like listening to god. I am standing for 9 years now. Like you said, i have not been rigteous in the right sense and have always viewed things from my perspective and blaming my spouse for everything. My anniversary is 08/20. Pls pray for me and teach me how to pray

  5. When you say weep for them I do and I get that but how do you deal with the fresh pain that comes daily without being selfish? It hurts every day and I dont know how to keep doing this when I cant come up for air. I know all the verses about God being close to the broken hearted but I need something tangible. What did you do with your pain without making it about you? Please let me know.

  6. I've been standing for 5 years, we are still married, but he has 2 kids with the other woman, (we don't have kids) he obviously lives with them, he feels he shouldn't be a part time dad, so he will be with them and be there for them until he "thinks" he can leave…😢

  7. December will be 2 years out of the house. She has not filed don't know what to do anymore. She seems to get meaner as time goes on. Any advice would welcome. Thanks and God Bless you all.

  8. When you talk about marriage restoration taking however long, are you speaking about when a marriage is completely restored, or just when the spouse has finally returned?

    Also, will God take away restoration? I’ve messed up countless of times, driving my husband farther and farther. I know people have free will, so if my husband doesn’t want to return then God won’t make him.

    And would filing for divorce tell God I am giving up? We have a toddler so I need to have him protected. It isn’t the route I would like to take, but my husband is also taking that route right now and getting it prepared.

  9. GOD, THANKING ABBA for the nite!!!!😇👣💞🙏GOD; PLEASE, PLEASE HELP ME!!!!😭💞🙏👣

  10. Sheila I needed to hear this so much today,as I was struggling through my marriage I heard God speaking to me from Isaiah 54:14 while my husband being unfaithful but I questioned God what kind of righteousness when things are Rocky and worst.. now I understand how patiently God wants to teach me this ..I am glad I found your channel, to God be the Glory as I stand with God to learn although it's painful!

  11. Yeah i now I messed up it’s my fault only god nows how many times really we met through god I’ve grown know I hope she forgives me she’s knows what I’ve been through my heart is right I hope and pray everyday it’s 7/8 year’s

  12. No matter what has happened I keep standing- people say move I but I stand. In my secret place daily nightly with seeing nothing to make me believe I still believing in God to resurrect restore reconcile my marriage like Lazarus.

  13. God bless you Sheila. I'm about a year into my stand and my wife has dug in harder against restoration. Just before finding your videos, I asked The Lord to affirm that I was standing on His Word and give me a peaceful confidence that He indeed wouldn't "Honor me for honoring Him" (by honoring my vows and my Covenant to my wife and before Him)(1 Samuel 2:30) The next morning an incredible peace I HAVE NEVER FELT BEFORE came over me and has remained. Finding your videos has helped confirm it. Thank you blessed Sister. Please pray for our marriage restoration (John and Kim) 🙏💙


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