Into the Harvest

The earth is full of people in search of a Savior. This great harvest is brought to life in this video, and viewers will be challenged to …


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  1. religious creation is fiction, creation has never been verified. we do rather have scientific evidence that supports the big bang "creation": such as microwave background radiation that raises the temp of the universe to about 1-3 degrees Kelvin. This is heat left over from the initial expansion of the entire universe, how else can you explain the entire universe being 1-3 degrees Kelvin, do you have any idea how much energy is required to raise the entire universes temp to 1-3 degrees Kelvin?

  2. You are telling me that I am blind of something that is invisible and never shows himself to humans, why are you not blind of this fictional character too? How can you believe in something that can never be verified and proven?


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