I'm Glad It Happened | Pastor Steven Furtick

We can’t change our past, but we can learn from it. See why we may need to look back before we can move forward.

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  1. My boyfriend died from an overdose. This has broken me. But it has broken me to a point where I never want to see or touch a drug again. God has used his death in my life. I needed to hear and enjoyed hearing this message. God uses you to speak steven furtick

  2. I thank to pastor steven furtick.for his good message i hear. say.im glad it
    Made it happen mean if i make. something good to some one else that
    I feel glad i made itthappen.wonderful
    Message thank you pastor steven amen

  3. hi🖐,paster steven,i am so gald that you have help me understand things in my life,that i didn't know how to handle for to better myself but thanks to you i know i can take what i need to make it right,again,so keep spreading the word of our father.AMEN.deedee ,/DenaLedet.

  4. Ouch… speak it

    Sometimes we gotta stand b4 the 🔥 to see the flame.

    He brought me full circle & I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

    I set the record straight 🔥💯👌🙌👏💪

  5. The best friend I’ve ever had in my life has just turned on me and has falsely accused me, but I’m glad it happened (for my sake, not hers), because it is revealing things about me that show me that I’ve grown and matured a lot further in the Lord than I realized. A few years ago, this would have destroyed me, but not now. I no longer have a victim mentality or feel sorry for myself. It’s not even shaking me. I now know who I am in Christ and am secure in his love. I’ll miss her a lot, but what she says or thinks about me does not define who I am. Satan intends this for evil, but God means it for my good. I see now that I am much more of an over comer than ever before. I see than I can still love in the face of anger and bitterness. I realize that this is not coming from her (she’s the sweetest person I’ve known) but is coming THRU her, straight from the enemy to try to destroy me. My concern is that the enemy will destroy HER thru a root of bitterness and keep her from the wonderful plans God has for her future. I have to trust God that He will turn this around for her and use it for good in her life. But for my own sake, I’m glad it happened.


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