IFSA Bless the Nation – 50 days of prayer. Day #13: Pastor John Osa

Welcome to day 13 of Bless the Nation-50 days of prayer. As we continue our journey into praying into areas of government and the judiciary. You will be blessed by what Pastor John Osa, the founder of the Rebirth of Africa vision and pastor at the Kingdom Heirs Assembly in Rivonia has to share. Pastor John breaks open a fresh understanding of the role of the government from God’s perspective that will give us better insight into praying for our government in South Africa


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  1. This is truly beautiful .How wonderful is God's favour over each and every life .God Bless Africa may we meditate on His favour and the nation receive His Divine healing .Amen In the mighty name of God who saves Africa through Jesus Christ .

  2. Wow! This is a beautiful revelation! May we set the Name of our Father God, creator of Heaven and Earth, Ruler over All over the Government of South Africa! May every demonic ritual, shrine or any other ceremony which has been performed or set up in South Africa be toppled and broken and cast down in Jesus Name and may the Name of Jesus be above all from the Government down to the least in our land! We Worship ONLY YOU our Triune God our Father, Jesus, His only begotten Son and our Saviour, and the Holy Spirit. Amen!


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