IF YOU BELIEVE GOD CAN HEAL YOU – WATCH THIS NOW | Powerful Miracle Prayer For Healing And Strength

IF YOU BELIEVE GOD CAN HEAL YOU – WATCH THIS NOW | Powerful Miracle Prayer For Healing And Strength

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Pray This Powerful Evening Prayer To Jesus Before You Sleep – https://youtu.be/OQEg-OC1szA

If This Doesn’t Make You Love God More, I Don’t Know What Will – https://youtu.be/kw6CRXSZQc8

I AM HEALED IN JESUS NAME | Most Powerful Healing Prayer In Jesus Name – https://youtu.be/jq1DU7jdYmM

Before You Give Up On God, WATCH THIS | Powerful Inspirational And Motivational Video – https://youtu.be/LFQOagGN_Dc

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  1. Thank u lord for this very strong powerful beautiful healing prayer and thank u for u again and again and over beyond a million times for ur lovely and powerful beautiful words and prayer Sir lord Jesus

  2. Lord I come to you this morning to thank you for all the blessings you put upon me thank you for all the healing that you’ve already helped me through and all that I’m getting ready to go through appreciate your love and everything so much in Jesus name amen

  3. Amen! Praises to You Lord God Almighty Always! Thank You Lord for this Amazing Healing Prayer! A few short months ago You and Jesus Prayed A Prayer Similar To This One with me the week before I was scheduled to have 2 stents placed in one of my coronary arteries due to blockages that were found on a stress test done a few months back. I was prepped and ready for the stents to be placed, and when the dye was injected to show the cardiologist a clear view of where the blockages were, the cardiologist looked up and said there were no blockages! I was half awake with conscious sedation and I heard him say it a second time too that there were no blockages anywhere! I knew right away it was a Miracle From You Lord! We had Prayed that Prayer for Healing and we believed it would work! I have told many people about this Miracle You Sent Me Lord and how You Lord and Jesus Prayed That Prayer for Healing with me beforehand. I want to let as many people as possible to know about Your Powers To Perform Miracles, And Your Amazing Unconditional Love For All Of Us! And to spread the Good Word About Our Amazing and Loving Lord God Almighty Always and Forever! You Are Amazing Heavenly Father! ❤ Amen!

  4. You are the king of Kings lead me to my peace and healing miracles and forgive me of my iniquities thankyou Lord for loving,protecting, healing blessings you bestow apon me in Jesus mighty name Amen Hallelujah and thankyou 👏 🙌 🙏💫🌠💞🌞

  5. I am so grateful Daddy I can’t stop thanking you for everything that you have done I am healed I believe that I am healed I love you so much master Jesus I am so grateful for this day thank you so much ❤️🙏🏽💫

  6. You are My King, Savior, Healer and Protector!! I know of my kings father that was provided for my sins.. I thank you for all your Love in the name of King Jesus mighty name


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