During the Sunday service [21-sep-2014] as man of God Apostle was talking to the congregation these were his words:“I wanted us to do something that we can do together. I want us to understand this; the churches of God are under attack, look at what happened to SCOAN. It is an attack to all churches, not only for Nigeria. It is a plan of Satan which will cause Christians to rise up and stand against the Man of God Prophet T.B Joshua. Many will say why he didn’t see it, they are going to talk against his anointing. Many people will go to hell as they will speak against the Man of God. What is it that will happen? And why God didn’t show the prophet? We need to know that Satan, when he tempts you, he does not come with an invitation letter. Temptation is there and God must not tell you it is there. Many fast and pray to live but they die. When you ask why, you affect the Holy Spirit negatively. You were never aware that you’ll face what you are facing. Temptation is there so that you can overcome and Prophet TB Joshua will overcome it. Some pastor who are jealous will talk as they were afraid that they will take their people [members]. Everyone will speak because this church is an international church. God said I must repeat, and I want people everywhere to take this to there house. 1 Corinthians 10:13, if you see worse it’s because the power and anointing is heavy. Many people will say why he didn’t see this, for what? Many will say he was prophesying other countries why not his church? No one knows his temptation OTHERWISE THAT TEMPTATION won’t be a temptation. So temptation needs us to pray. We are the ones to ask why God how, why this has happened? No one can say he is not a man of God because he is facing this, everyone needs to face temptations. Even Jesus met His own temptations. A church of God must unite and pray for Prophet and SCAON. Many will say he is occultist that is why people are dying. Prophet TB Joshua was not there when things happened. There are many things that can judge us if we don’t pry for that man of God. I want to advice you that we need to pray because he is worthy as a Christian. What happened there is a temptation for all churches around the world. This is a problem of church that Jesus is alive. People want to prove that people must not go there but I want to advice you that if you want to go, go. Never ever speak against a servant of God like T.B Joshua. If we stand up and speak against TB Joshua, one day a big church in Nigeria will be bombed. If you want to go, you must go. You heard me? I want Christians to go there because when they come back their lives won’t be the same. After this thing is over the whole world will run there. I want you to rise up in South Africa and pray for Africa, for Prophet TB Joshua and His ministry. “Father thank you for your mercy” this is a prayer for the whole week.” Then a spirit started to manifest, to our find out it was Lucifer saying that he wants the whole world to accuse prophet T.B Joshua.


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