I Proclaim by Dunsin Oyekan

This is the anthem for any person, business organization, Church, system and structure that believes that GOD is the one backing them up, making things happen and showing them mercy!

I reckon that the crown people place on me is made possible only by God’s Grace and I have returned to PROCLAIM it – God’s Grace!


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  1. Thank You Jesus for always backing us up even when we keep making mistakes. I Love You Lord, my Saviour, everything about me it's Your Grace, I am so so Grateful Lord Jesus

  2. I love you my brother, Minister Dunsin. "It's your Grace, anything nice they have to say, it's your Grace; Whatever crown they place on my head it's your Grace; Everything about me is your Grace." The first time I heard this song, I wept for about a week. I kept listening to it and weeping, as this part of the track sums up my life experience thus far. My life has been a testimonial of God's grace.

  3. Just found your ministry and learned about your music few weeks ago. (I live in the USA)… so much grace and impact. Rise Eagle and continue to shine bright the light and grace the father has imparted to you…continue to shine the heart of the father in this season and generation… I salute Gods grace on your life..

  4. wonderful to come across this worship as I needed this for this season of my life…I need some praise I have not heard before to lift the Name of The Lord high….hallelujah…Amen

  5. Thank You JESUS for the Transfer
    God bless you General 🎀🎹🎢🎼❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀

  6. I have to listen through and through knowing honestly it's his grace am blessed πŸ™ am in love ❀️ with this I feel his presence as listen πŸ‘‚ I have listen the hole day but there's more for him to reach out to the world through u sir please strive for more am so delighted.

  7. Isn't it of a surety that God is the one showing us Grace and Mercy ! No one else can, nor will they do. Only God has that power and authority to do so. Thanks for reminding us, that amid all our faults and improprieties , God is merciful and ready to forgive us. Let us exalt Him by saying, " How Great is, His faithfulness unto us! " Your messages in songs are precised and prophetic. God's hands are upon you, therefore, there's no relenting on your part, in The Powerful and Mighty name of Jesus.


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