Hundreds busted in crime crackdown using messaging app

A messaging app, Anom, helped law enforcement intercept messages from criminals in a global crime crackdown. Jeff Pegues has the latest.

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  1. When did the constitution change people? Please provide a copy. Because those aren't your employees your locking up for rule breaking. It take another person for a crime. The state isn't a person so who is the direct victim?

  2. Come on FBI be truthful, you know you guys are in the drug game, you had to let them know that the gig was up so you can get the other drugs in, what's wrong they cut you guys out ? , I mean come on think about it you have an app that can catch criminals and you make it public, you tell the public hey this is how we caught you, America are we that dumb, come on FBI you guys are the biggest cartel in the world. Acting like you care,stop that🤫

  3. Messed up on so many levels. What about the people who were not criminals. Their privacy was violated with no cause. We're moving to a total surveillance state, if we're not there already.

  4. The brilliance of tricking the bad guys into using the FBI rigged encryption device is that now they won't be able to trust any such device that's being offered. Way cool.


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