How to Pray For Healing // Randy Clark

TRAINING THURSDAYS LIVE // The Five Step Healing Prayer Model with Dr. Randy Clark. Learn the same healing ministry model used by John Wimber which sparked healing in the Vineyard movement, and which continues today, in Jesus’ name!

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  1. This is so enlightening and encouraging to watch n hear. I thank my Pastor Evan for sharing this YouTube with me. I’ve witnessed healing and have been marginally involved with healing ministry. Praise God for sending us the Holy Spirit to empower us do His miraculous work. Be blest.

  2. Please pray for healing for my cervical vertebrae which was identified with herniated discs, degenerative, fused bones, spine, gall bladder healing from polyps, ulcer and healing for my female organs

  3. Why haven't I gotten healed? I have all the faith in the world!As evidenced by the fact I have driven thousands of miles seeking healing!-
    driven to Colorado ( andrew wommack and Daniel Kolenda and others at a healing conference in 2017) believing that I might even get healed, simply by driving there in faith. Drove to Bethel in Redding x2 (2017 & 2018). Went to a healing conference here in Portland, Oregon, thereafter, and got prayed for a lot for 2 days. Todd White and others ( Daniel Kolenda again) were there,, But
    Neither my crippled friend nor I experienced anything , except frustration and disappointment. I don't think ANYONE got healed!

    I Listen to CBN daily and agree and " claim" things pertaining to one of the many things going on with me. I help people a lot, like God says we should do; & read my Bible, & take communion frequently. I have listened to people read healing scriptures for years! I Work hard on my gifts /my "talents…. On and on. But I just seem to get SICKER, And more exhausted, & Able to do less and less! 🙁 😞 I try to be thankful that I am not worse, & Be thankful that I still have a house to live in, (though not for long, unless I get a miracle and Win the POWERBALL! 🤔). But I just wish God would heal me and let me have that promised "ABUNDANT LIFE" that has been so elusive. Cuz I am 70 and about out of time and my life has been very hard.

  4. Sick, crippled up and in pain. Plus exhausted. Fibro, arthritis, scoliosis, sciatica to name a few. Would you please ask healers to pray for me? THANK YOU! SICK OF BEING SICK. MAKES GOD LOOK WEAK AND NOT TRUSTWORTHY. 😞

  5. I've read and heard (and fully agree with) all these glorious truths for the past 15 years – yet haven't seen or experienced healing in my body for various issues. I've declared my healing, praised God for my healing and rhave refused to back down or give up.  I'm not asking God to heal me bc I know He ALREADY did it for me 2000+ yrs ago by my union with Yeshua and His sacrifice!   I'm simply waiting for the manifestation, and thanking Him in the meantime for my healing.  

    I just can't understand the long delay between my agreement and the manifestation.  Here's a valid question: Why is there  NEVER a delay between the cry to God for SPIRITUAL salvation (or to be  born-again), but when it pertains to PHYSICAL healing, it is apparent that in many cases, there IS a delay or a seemingly "no" or "wait" reply from God – as though we must press in and contend for it (in a spirit of REST as opposed to toiling or striving)?  It would seem to be the opposite, as the spiritual is a much bigger deal than the physical (surely not everyone who experiences miraculous healing in their body will make it into the kingdom). His kindness (in healing) is to LEAD people to repentance, but miracles don't guarantee it. 

    But back to the issue: Isaiah 53 says we ARE healed by His stripes; Peter agrees and says we WERE healed; Mathew 8:17 affirms that His "stripes" include physical healing and deliverance. Not ONE sick or oppressed person who encountered Yeshua was NOT healed or set free by Him.  Even an "outsider", a Syro-Phoenician in Mark 7, received deliverance for her daughter- which Yeshua said is the children's "bread".   Through His work and by our faith, we are ALL brought into the "inner circle" and privileged to share in all the richness of the root of the Olive Tree (Rom.11).   But why or how is it that many believers, such as myself, who stand in childlike faith (not begging or trying to earn it, but THANKING Him for the healing HE ALREADY provided), are waiting sometimes YEARS for it to manifest?  People say, "You just need to rest and receive it".  But that's what I've been doing (and have had many well known ministers lay hands on me over the years, even though I know that isn't required for me to receive).  Just like becoming born-again, physical healing is NOT complicated.   We aren't talking about the difference between salvation and the anointing;  Most of us can agree that while salvation is free at HIS expense, there is a great "cost" to walking in the fullness of His Spirit. But because of what I see in Scripture and the model Yeshua set for us, I REFUSE to believe it can be God's will for us to remain sick or to suffer from any physical infirmity or ailment; I REFUSE to interpret the Word through the lens of my experience (or lack thereof). The WORD is my authority and measuring rod, NOT my experience or the doctrines of man that seek to justify a life void of God's healing power and presence!  Yahweh changes NOT; He is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and bc ALL of His promises in His Son are "YES" and "AMEN", I know He will never say "No" to that which He is already said "Yes" to!  Therefore I can and should expect physical healing NOW – not relegating to the "sweet by and by".  I've seen Him heal others THROUGH me, and though I am still awaiting the manifestation of MY healing, I refuse to be offended at God over this – and I CHOOSE to persevere in faith.  I just can't help but wonder if it's something I'm not getting – bc I also refuse to put this on GOD; it MUST be on MY side of the equation.  If there's something blocking the manifestation of my healing, I keep asking Him to give me revelation or insight as to what it might be – but for years I get no clarity or answers other than, "just keep standing in faith, rest, and thankfulness to God for my healing."

  6. Karen here. Learned so much today. However, 42 years ago I had cheap insurance, so not many Drs. Took it. I had pain all the time in my female organs. Over the years, I went to 10 different Drs. Many told me it was psychosomatic. After many years, I could finally afford an excellent Dr. Who found a slow growing tumor the size of a grapefruit in my Uterus. Finally had it removed in my early 30's along with my infected with tumors, Ovaries. If there's still pain or sickness, always seek better help. But, I wish I was prayed for by people like Randy.

  7. I am 59 yrs old and never gotten pregnant. Is this an affliction if anger or stubbornness. The doctor told me wen I was 35 yrs old that my ovaries were old and endometriosis. I was still young then. Now I am 59 yrs old and couldnt understand why. I believe in God to do a miracle in my fallopian tubes. I gave up. Now I am old. With a husband that understand me. But with no children. I feel happy with my husband at the same time unhappiness because I donot have any children to leave a. Inheritance

  8. What was that at 37:25? Lol Randy my name is Andy and I need healing in my knee, but I don’t think I qualify for healing because I feel like I did this to my knee through exercise and stuff but you know I actually didn’t.

  9. My only problem with what you’re saying is this, babies are innocent in every way and people pray for them all of the time and yet many still die of cancer, have diseases, are born blind, disabled etc because we live in a fallen world. They are completely innocent so there is no finding out what is wrong with them, they have no hate, no unforgiveness in them. So how and why do they not get healed? Before we start bringing parents sin into this, don’t forget what Jesus told the disciples in John chapter 9. Now ultimately Jesus did heal this man and I believe it’s Gods will to heal, and I do not believe God made this man blind to give himself glory. My question is how can we get more children healed since they are innocent. I hope and pray childhood sickness and diseases are destroyed by the name of the Lord Jesus. How do we get the faith needed or giftings needed to heal these poor children. Yes I have a child who is disabled. She is now 13, I have seen many miracles, my baby brother was born a blue baby, which is pretty much dead and God brought him back after my parents prayed and gave Him to the Lord. Is this the key? It is a horrible thing to have to sit and watch your child suffer or to have a child that has no signs of life. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. If you are a true believer and you have faith, or giftings start praying in hospitals or over children as they leave. There has to be a way to bring this to an end. Thank you.


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