How To Pray For Healing And Restoration with Rick Warren — Does God heal people today? Of course he does! God uses different ways to heal different kinds of pain: financial, physical, mental, emotional, relational, and physical. Because we live in a broken world, we all need some kind of healing or restoration, whether we’re aware of it or not. In this message, Pastor Rick Warren teaches us four conditions for healing and restoration in any area of our lives. Learn why humility, prayer, seeking God, and reliance on his Word will bring healing and forgiveness.

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(Humility) (Humble) (Healing) (Restoration) (40 Days) (40 Days of Prayer) (God’s Promises) (How to heal) (Restoring) (How to change) (Never stop praying) (Pray always) (How to prayer) (Need healing) (God’s healing) (Restoration of relationships) (Rick Warren) (Pastor Rick Warren) (Saddleback Church) (Pray 40) (#Pray40)


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  1. Hello. Please pray for my healing of my lungs and my mama's lungs. Please pray that our lungs be healthy and strong again. I pray that God will heal those who seek him. Thank you for your prayers ❤️

  2. my body knows how to heal itself and is doing so RIGHT NOW!!! I AM HEALED 
    Anyone out there healing: Your body needs you right now, the best of you. Eat well, move as much as your body and spirit will allow (with or without music), listen to healing binaural beats 432 hz & 528hz, anointing oil, whatever you need to keep you in alignment with a healing spirit. Only speak words of health, well being and positivity. If you can't right now then be quiet. when you have moments where you need to vent and throw a fit (we ALL do), do so to GOD. Tell your Creator and leave it at his feet. God needs you in agreement to fully activate and deliver on his promises. I love you!!!

  3. Please pray in the name of Jesus with and for me for my marriage and family restoration. Mary said "Even now" when Lazarus had been dead for 4 days so In the name of Jesus I belive that "Even now" I ask the lord to restore life and love to my broken shattered marrige and relationship. In the name of Jesus I pray. Amen

  4. Please pray for my family. My mom has pnemonia, my wife has spinal stenosis and I'm down with three buldging disc and my sciatica nerve. Bad pain here family and tomorrow I have to work. Please pray

  5. There are two reasons I feel sometimes hesitant to call mysell a christian: because I do not feel I always live up to God his standard and because people do not seem interested, certainly not ashamed, more not knowing how to start a conversation about God with people I barely know…please God, help me change that so I know what and what not to say about you. And God, thank you for giving me new chances in life, for making me steadfast and whole, praying my body, spirit and soul will be healed of all demonic and trauma bonds, believing I can laugh again every day of my life, believing also the people around me will have the benefits of your healing power by humbling oneself to God, in accordance with 2 chronicles 7:14, matthew 12:46-50, mark 8:38, isaiah 66:2, james 4:6, matthew 11:29, john 16:23-24 and this word, in the name and blood of Jesus Christ, amen and hallelujah!

  6. Clarify for Catholic persons Joseph His earthly father was older married beforehand to a woman who was righteousness and was passed away already.. his second pure hearted marriage holiest possible between two hearts could be.. on earth..didn’t need consummation …was with Mary Jesús Virgin Immaculate Mother. Who bore Jesús with the Holy Spirit.. alone. The church teaches this. Amen amen 🙏

  7. 💜This was straight up ✨TRUTH! I Am experiencing God and his love from eagerly seeking God and asking him to fill my life. There are no words that can explain feeling, and KNOWING God’s love! ❤️

  8. Living with genital herpes virus has been a nightmare for me and my partner , lot's of sleepless nights and sadness since the past 3 years . After the usage of different ART medications , we had to use different drugs to slowdown our virus loads until recently i read an articles on alternative natural remedies online that provides totally natural cure , but I was still positive until i raised awareness online and I was informed of Dr. kwaloe on you tube herbal medicine that finally cured me and my partner . Now he has put a smile on my face with his herbal remedy. Dr . kwaloe has made is herbal remedy affordable and available for everyone in the whole wide world

  9. Please pray for my niece APCS exam interview result success soon.
    Please pray for my sister's family relation restore heal in the mighty name of Jesus.
    please pray for my family healing and unity.
    thank you

  10. I'm in a long distance breakup so patience is nothing to me. I am better, happy with my life but it is empty.

    1 year no contact since break. 1 year of working hard.
    I've been patient but I am scared.
    please help me, help him want to reestablish to renew and rebuild our love. .
    I haven't stop praying.
    I have found the one. I believe we will reunite, through his power of miracles of restoration. Please pray with me


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