How To Keep Your Faith In A Desperate Situation | Steven Furtick

For anyone that is facing a bad report, you can get through this. You just need to take another look at what you have.

This is an excerpt from “The Facts Aren’t Final” To watch the full message from @Elevation Church, click here:

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Section Titles:
0:00 – Go To Jesus To Save You
1:57 – For Someone Facing A Bad Report
4:16 – Trusting God With Your Kids
8:41 – It’s Not All God’s Job
10:41 – When Jesus Gets Distracted
13:00 – What Would You Do To Get It Back?
15:14 – Why Are You Stressed About That?

Scripture References:
Mark 5, verse 35

How To Keep Your Faith In A Desperate Situation | Steven Furtick


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  1. Joining elevation church is the most fabulous thing that has ever happened to me really
    Anytime i am down God speaks to me through pastor Steven
    Thanks holy spirit for letting me know i can't just trust you once but always 🙏

  2. Please pray for me I got a bad report from the doctor about my Saugers R so good & keeping the faith & for my relationship with special someone I have in my life thank U so much God is awesome 🙏

  3. How can a person keep faith if their identity is gone by someone switch identity with me? I lost all access include all cases I created keep close repeat to point useless battle to find my way out? What can God do for me? 6+ years… Yes I know who as I have gathered all evidence to figure out. I ask myself what a person in my situation can do when there’s no one out there that can help me as I have exhausted all the options, include local, state and federal. No one can take my case. Pondering 🤔 I worked very hard positive to find my way out. Yet things gets worse and worse anytime I try work my way out. With this situation what can I do next? Praying and faith isn’t sufficient you realize? 🕊🙏🏼🧎🏼‍♀️

  4. I am from Detroit Michigan live in San Antonio Texas I just love that I found you. I was jus looking through friend Facebook page and I seen you and I was blessed because I have a hold on me that won’t let me go out from the darkness. The pain of betrayal from my husband and niece has consumed me in revenge and hatred. Now since I been watching u I am breaking out of that darkness thanks I need prayer to help me remain out of that darkness

    NO ONE ELSE (CAN DO 4ME )🌿🌿🌿

  6. *personal
    God is Lord and Saviour. but when it gets personal. My personal Lord and Saviour.
    *keeping faith
    Believing God even after a bad report. desperate situations cause you to do things differently.
    *you really have to give your kids to God.
    placing my faith in Jesus, is not an event, it is a PRACTICE!
    sometimes we are different people in different times of the day. but always we are people of Jesus 🤗
    faith without works is dead, it is like standing under a faucet, he has already given us the power to turn on.
    *moments of interruption and distraction. in the race for next…
    -pple that i love the most.
    -what would you give to have it back?
    -what do you already have?
    -everything 😍
    💓blood of Jesus washing off all my shame and filth💓

  7. Plz pray for me pastor.I am grieving the loss of my marriage and children. I'm struggling with attacks from the enemy about who I am in Christ daily.I don't know if I should sell my house or file bankruptcy from a debt of 40k that feel thru the cracks after my divorce.

  8. Pastor pray for me Im struggling with my faith and have doubts please pray for me and I hope God will Remove them completely so I can belive in him without any doubt.Hallelujah Amen☦️✝️🙏🙏♥️

  9. I’ve been having the worst month of my life. I keep trying to stay strong & be positive but bad things keep happening. I really just don’t know where to go from here. God please I need you so badly in my life 🙁


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