How To Get Your Fight Back – Bishop T.D. Jakes

Have you ever had something so daunting that it takes you out? The bones of a nation’s past tell the tale. You may have lost that …


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  1. If I EVER thought it was the crowd, the music, the "theatrics" of his preaching that moved me: MY THINKING HAS BEEN CHASTISED AND CORRECTED! This man operates in the spirit. Empty sanctuary…no crowd…I SWEAR no Word has healed my soul like this Word here. Thank you for your obedience to God's will for you. Thank you🙌 (actually watching on my TV, but commenting from my phone).

  2. I think ur ministry is the best honoring god. I am having many trials. Don't have a local church or a car. And I need fellowship something awful. Do u have home groups. I live in Florida. Ty for my membership and blessings.

  3. What Happens When Our Bones Fit and We Missed It by Many Reasons ! … later we realised The Bone which I Had was a Perfect Fit and Missed it. What Happens Now ? Will The Bone Come Back?


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