How To Get Your Fight Back – Bishop T.D. Jakes

Have you ever just been tired? When life pulls you in multiple directions and seems to break your last, last straw constantly, …


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  1. " I Pray that Whisper to come by, LORD I Confess my Sins, I Need You Now. Forgive All of my Sins. Give me Strength to Fight Back In JESUS' Name I PRAY AMEN "

  2. Yes! Thank You Bishop TD Jakes for praying for me and not having to have me be unable to get my fight back and reminding me to get my fight back and do things to help myself hear from Jesus – tonight I will regain my ability to hear & listen to My Lord JESUS ❤️💘 and He helps me hear His still small voice and intentionally make a list of doing what I need. Lord a dinner. Please forgive me. Help me. Allow me to get employed at Walgreens in my town as well as elsewhere
    Keep myself & the others get and keep employment!


  4. Omg, hits the nail on the head, I'm going through this been going through this 😢 😭 it hurts but God bless you Mr TD Jakes 🙏🏽 your words helps your word helps alot 🙏🏽 thank you thank you 😊 I will improve and definitely get my life, fight and mind back 🙏🏽 👊🏽

  5. This is definitely for me I'm so tired frustrated and even a little angry my dad and grandmother passed 3 months later my mom passed away while visiting my sister in Texas and know I'm out of work waiting to have surgery torn rotator cuff and my job is fighting me on workman's compensation no money had to move about to lose my car really I'm tired

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  8. Wow… This is so timely. I have been feeling so tired and irritated about everything around me. I have been feeling so inefficient and all along I have been feeling mad at myself. Am glad this has really spoken to me.

  9. I lost my brother, my best friend , her mother. My husband started hating me , talked about me for 9 months to his brothers morning noon and night made them hate me, I uncovered me by telling people about my life, he got so angry because he wanted to move to Texas but God told me to be still. He and his brothers help him buy a house in Georgia, he sent videos out when we had arguments showing where he was cursing me out. He left when I had to go take care of my Father. I am tired. My father in law died who loved me , since my husband caused them to hate me I was barred from his funeral. Even though my husband regret what he did , it hurts. I am broken 💔 help me God.

  10. This was good until he started beginning for money. You should use your money Mr. Jakes you have enough that you've stolen from people for so long. Did Jesus ever ask for money? I smell a FALSE PROPHET. I will no be listening to this joker anymore.


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