"How To Be Sure Of God's Will!" – By Ravi Zacharias

“How To Be Sure Of God’s Will!” – By Ravi Zacharias
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  1. Dear Ravi. It is a big loss to young generation. We do really need speakers and teachers like you. Whatever people say- God has the ultimate authority to judge all of us.
    But yes – I do miss God’s man like you

  2. Dear Sarah Davis & other authorities of RZIM, please do not remove the power packed messages inspired by HS through Ravi. Until his last breath he was mightily used by God and was admired by the true evangelic teams of US & other parts of the world. Just stop his story there. What allegation came after his death might be true in all sense, forget it. God knows to judge & for sure one day we God's children are going to see it. Let the messages & his books continue to circulate and wash our inner being. Don't forget we are all sinners cum God's children in a different levels. We have no right to throw him to the hell fire. It is sheer absurd. God bless RZIM.
    Alexander M.C from Kerala

  3. So powerfully true. God helps us to be able to hear as He hears. He helps us to get out of the way as we open our hearts in willingness to hear Him. We get to see what He holds for us to see and hear and learn and live. He’s aware of who we are and knows how to bring truth home to our heart in a way that He knows we’ll hear and absorb….He’s so beautiful that way….


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