How Do We Pray for Healing?

When we pray for healing, we have to ask and fully expect the Holy Spirit to heal in that moment, and we must also hold everything with open hands that the will of God be done in that situation.


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  1. Please prayer for my mother as she is suffering with cough and cold since last one year no medicine is working on her please pray for her may the almighto God heal her and gave her a long life

  2. My husband prayed for me after Drs said I could not have children. We have 5 adult children now because of my husband's simple faith believing pray he prayed to the Lord so many years ago. Praise the Lord for his healings he performs.

  3. Mark 1. Matthew 8. Luke 5. Every time Jesus says “I am willing”. And Jesus is the perfect representation of the father. He’s the visible image of the invisible God. The Bible is crystal clear on the will of God: Jesus. And the Bible is crystal clear on the will of Jesus: healing.

    It’s not the only message of the Gospel by any means, but we can’t ignore it either!

    I loved hearing Matt’s perspective and it was so crystal clear up until he said “maybe it’s the will of God for your time on earth to be done”. I’ve heard it so much, but that’s never the will of God. People die before God wills all the time. So many things happen that are not the will of God but it’s our privilege to stand firm in believing his will, even if we don’t see it in our experience.

    Anyone reading this please look up Dan Mohler if you haven’t heard of him!

  4. Thank you for your insights. I suspect that you and some of the "will of God" folks could have a heated agreement over this. Something to Ponder: Before we pray for the thing (whatever it is), it is wise to pray for God to reveal his will so that we can pray in accordance with it. Question: If God wants us to pray in concert with his will, and do his will, why would he not reveal his will? Perhaps because we don't ask. Blessings.


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