How do I pray for money? (Praying for financial breakthrough)

Do have financial needs? Have you been asking God to help you with money? Maybe you are asking God to help pay your bills.

We need to learn to pray properly to receive from God. Rather than asking for money, you need to be asking God for wisdom. Why? Because wisdom will show you where your provision is and how to get it.

Throughout the Bible, when someone had a material need, God always directed that person to where their provision was. He gave them wisdom and wisdom will lead you to the right place… at the right time… EVERY TIME!

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  1. Dear Dustin: Am writing to you all the way from South Africa, I have been praying and wishing for R340 000 000 from God, I have been praying essentially to be the head and not the tail. For financial breakthrough and even without seeing the results of your great wisdom and great advice I believe so much and fully trust. This has been an answered prayer I did know I need, thank you. Please continue to do what you are doing one day soon if you would be so kind I would love to work together to spread more wisdom, more love and more light I believe more of our people need. Kind regards…. Toka❤


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