How Cape Town became a murder capital

Cape Town is one of the most murderous cities in the world. How did it become the gangland-shooting capital of Africa? Read more here:

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  1. Cape town coloured community was infiltrated by government agents who dropped guns off in the earlu 2000s… SAPS commited this act whilst Mbeki was president… It was ment to cull coloureds to make way for black people from Eastern Cape… This is a genocide

  2. This problem, no matter where in the world it is, will never end. The only ones who can put a stop to it is the communities in which this is taking place, however, those very same communities are split. You have one group fighting for the violence to end and then you have the other group who are protecting these very same gangster elements because of the financial benefits that they derive from it. Unless the group fighting against it becomes stronger, the cycle will continue indefinitly.

  3. Because of the mismanagement in goverment,the people of Cape Town and South Africa doesn’t have the opportunities,jobs,safety and the infrastructure to have a decent civilized life and it’s mainly caused by corruption and the governments incompetent management!

  4. If I was younger and single, I would organize a "special team" to work there. The best way to combat this kind of terror is with terror. Make them (bad actors) fear bad acts and reward those that act responsibly.

  5. I grew up in standfontein than wynberg. Just a little boy use to travel to school alone and walk dangerous paths but that was my only options.

  6. A legacy of apartheid. The poor will continue to suffer what the government invested in them, what firearms the white man invented and the ignorance that these people continue to be demoralised by. We live with the problems we've created

  7. To add to my previous comment. If one person can make a difference, 1000000 can. Why wait for someone else to do it for you? I'd like to say to the coloured people in the Cape Flats to own what you have. You can make a difference for yourselves. Pay it forward every day and be the change you want to see in the world. (Quoting Ghandi). If you're clever enough to survive in crime, surely you can divert the energy positively.

  8. The DA runs the western cape. How useless are they? What are they doing to fight this? Nothing. They just blame the ruling party, like pusses. In reality, they are in charge of western cape, and they do nothing. They only help the whites, and tear down the others.

  9. so where do all the guns come from and why arent the guns being removed from these people……. seems to me squirrel ramapoes face doesn't actually want to stop it


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