HOLY SPIRIT COME- Composed by Senior Prophet TB Joshua.


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  1. Holy spirit,come and dwell in my heart
    Come and dwell in my life
    Come and dwell in my house
    Come and dwell in my family
    Come and dwell in my children
    Come, come and well in marriage

  2. Good morning my family good morning my marriage good morning my business I give God all the glory he is a faithful God thank you lord juses Christ for delivery me with the blood of Jesus Christ amen thank you for healing my business meeting s and taking over my business meeting s thank you for taking over my life in Jesus name thank you for being present in every were go thank Lord for bringing light lord juses Christ make me a channel of light Chanel of love peace and joy of the Lord is my strength thank you lord juses that every where the is a present of love of God joy and happiness and peace in Jesus name amen thank you Prophet of God for your Emmanuel TV show and your mass prayer and the TV show distance is not a barrier iam free from distruction in my business my business is heald permanently by the blood of Jesus Christ from stagnation in juses name amen love joy and peace holy spirit has taken over my life in Jesus name amen thank Lord using your prophet TB Joshua Prophet of God in my life and my family and my business meeting s taking me through my destination Thankyou lord Jesus Christ for restoration of my business and my family my marriage and my daughter in juses name amen thank Lord Jesus Christ iam free by the blood of Jesus Christ amen

  3. Let your spirit Lord come and dwell at my place where I live Jesus Christ our Lord in Jesus name.I love you Jesus with all my heart and I’ve made a covenant without you HolySpirit in Jesus Name Amen Live in my heart Lord never ever leave for ever.


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