Hillsong Worship Best Praise Songs Collection 2020 – Gospel Christian Songs Of Hillsong Worship

Hillsong Worship Best Praise Songs Collection 2020 – Gospel Christian Songs Of Hillsong Worship
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  1. I was homeless, got into drugs, went into prisons, then i got to know Jesus, He changed my life.. Now i have a home, a wife, a lovely daughter and a new identity… A child of God.. Hallelujah

  2. God has been faithful through my trials and tribulations. Believing Him for a better future ahead even in a foreign country, all I know is that He will see me through as a single mother.

  3. God is Great in my life..he has been with in all the dark times😭😭.I don't know how I had the strength to be strong(God is Good).I will serve you all the days of my life ,you are God all by yourself.I worship you The mighty God of the universe💙

  4. I'm Nontle xhakana Emmause area near pinetown .I lost my parents 2010 October 1 .and I suffer a lot I try to suicide 4times, but God stop me .I trust him, Jesus is my everything.

  5. Why did this pop up on my phone? Like if Jesus was as good as he is according to these songs he wouldn't be making me live through hell because of all the evil people he surrounded me with.

    I gave my life to him over 20 years ago and i defended him in the face of the rich, government leaders, muslims, hindus, atheists and fake christians and for all that I am getting persecuted by the whole entire town I'm stuck in

    Wtf is that?


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