Healing prayer (Healing Bible verses for sleep)

Healing prayer (Healing Bible verses for sleep): Heal me O LORD: This video contains some healing scriptures from the Word of God. They are calmly read aloud with relaxing piano music to help you focus on the Word as you go about your daily tasks or fall asleep tonight.

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⮕We have looped these life-changing Bible verses about healing into an 8 hours Audio Bible Christian meditation video to help our subscribers memorize them. Please let these encouraging scriptures dwell in your heart richly, renew your mind, and transform your life in Christ Jesus.

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✅Blessed by the Bible verses on healing used in this post? ●Type “AMEN” in the comments.

✅Apart from these scriptures about healing shared in this post, do you have other Bible verses for healing that you’ve found encouraging and helpful? ●Please tell us what they are in the comments.

✅Lastly, be sure to share these healing prayers and verses with your friends and family.
God bless.

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  1. Father I ask for complete healing for my body and bless the fruit of my womb that by this time next yrs my husband and I will be joyous parents 2 children's of our flesh and blood in jesus mighty name Amen amen and amen.

  2. Good Night Thank for all your Prayers for unusuall Itychiness & Scratch attack on our Body so Strange it's very kind of a thing but God is in Control made us in his image & like Ness in Psalms 139, my Lawyer Mr Cook didn't appear 2day, a new Judge David had my matter stood down at 9.30am, for me find Mr Cooki texd & called no response I did a last minute prayer to Jesus & resumed instead of dismissing matter God's favour Judge David it was Adjourned to 1st June, I will find a new Private Lawyer I don't have money but Philipians 4v19 i stand God will open doors & provide the Substantive await Ruling Date continue Pray for Justice Dowa hand down the Decision & Ruling all in God's Hand await Patiently…..

  3. Lord please heal my mom, for she has been suffering seizures disorder for so long. Please keep her strong, and not to be afraid,also fight her anxiety. Lord touched the doctors who are taking care of my mom, but most of all I seek your help oh Lord. I believe that anything you ask in God, He will give it in the right time.🙏 please bless my mom always, also our entire family.

  4. I am thankful for the meditational sounds & the prayer audio's.

    We all struggle some/most days.
    😢💔 We Can't change what had happened or what are where in?
    All we can do, is ask Jesus Christ. to heal us and ask him to take our worries and problems into he's ✋ hands. Prayer to Jesus 🙏 , thank you for giving us families 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦, thank you for giving us love 💕, thank you for the beautiful nights✨🌜 and the beautiful days 🌞, thank you for giving us another day. 💁 thank you for giving us life. 🌍💞🙌 xoxo

  5. Please pray for my husband who has cancer in his bladder, a tumour in the right ureter, and enlarged lymph nodes. Hemoglobin is critically low at 66, and creatine is at 240. We have been waiting for 2 + months for a plan of action from urologist and oncologist. My faith is wavering. So many people are praying for us both, but I am feeling forsaken by the Lord. Thank you dear saints, wherever you are. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


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