Healing Prayer by Dr. Cindy Trimm

Hello It’s Praying Time, I would like to present to some and INTRODUCE to others Dr. Cindy Trimm’s Healing Prayer! God has raised up Spiritual Giants who are anointed to pray and Dr. Cindy Trimm is definitely one of them. Believe God for your healing miracles, touch and agree with your faith as you listen to Dr. Cindy Trimm pray. The song is by Jeannette Bayardelle and it’s titled, “Healing Running Through My Veins”. God called me to write IT’S PRAYING TIME – WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT PRAYER INTERCESSION, the Ebook is NOW AVAILABLE. You can purchase at https://writtenwordspublishing.com/shop/ols/categories/dr-kimberly-k-clayton

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  1. I stand in agreement with this prayer in the mighty name of Jesus christ thank you Lord for your Grace and mercies towards me and my household thank you Lord for salvation thank you Lord for Healing me and my household from all sickness affliction and diseases .Hallelujah I praise your Holy name Amen and Amen thank you Lord

  2. Pasat I Will like you to pray for darius Jacob and Nicole hendrickson to come Back together again soon me and he to little children pasat I Will like you to pray for darius Jacob to be faithful to Nicole hendrickson right through pasat I Will like you to pray for Shania to move away from darius Jacob life forever pasat I Will like you to pray for darius Jacob not to have no sex with Shania atall again no time that not looking good atall pasat I Will like you to pray for darius Jacob to be around Nicole hendrickson and me and he to little children right through

  3. May this prayer lay over me and my entire family and most importantly, my enemies, in the name of my Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus and it is already done according to His word!

  4. Yes Lord, please I touch and agree with these words coming from Dr. Cindy Trimm's mouth. Place these words all over me, my children, my husband, my mother, and my friends. I pray over my family, bloodline, and all of those that are connected to me 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾💜💜💜❣❣❣

  5. I come into agreement with the healing prayer for my Masila family, Mumakwa family & Kalondu family. We are healed of madness, lack of marriages, lack of jobs, early deaths, heart problems, hypertension, lack of unity, lack of procreation, stigma, procrastinating, stagnation, rejection in Jesus Name

  6. Father which are in heaven I agree and received this prayer asked you to heal me from the top of my head to the sole's of my feet Father heal my my daughter Tonya Juneau Virgo from all her sickness help her I ask give her a a second blessing cleanse all what ever it's in her body that cause her to get larger please leave your ears answer my prayers heal all my family for I forgive them I ask in Jesus name Amen Amen


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