Halleluyah – The Sacred Sound – Dunsin Oyekan #dunsinoyekan #worship #hallelujah


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  1. oooooh my !!!!! Yes HALLELUJAH! I cant stop listening to this song and dancing in victory…….this song is written by someone who saw these happenings in the spirit. Am so blessed!!!!! Glooory to God!!! Vocals are mind blowing and the instruments!!! Oh my ! Gloooory to God!!

  2. Gosh!!! I think instrumentals are grossly UNDERRATED in the music industry. Woooow!!! Who are these divine instrumentalists of yours, please? Do you use the same ones as Nathaniel Bassey or what? Let's not even talk about the lyrics from both of you as that's gist for another day. The sounds you both produce are CERTAINLY not from this world. Thank you for being a blessing to us, Dunsin. GOD BLESS YOUR AWESOME INSTRUMENTALISTS! I hope to treat them to lunch someday by His grace.

  3. Praise and worship is the air you breathe Minister Dunsin Oyekan. May the Lord pour more oil to your cup and never run dry. I am so blessed and you music has changed my spiritual life so much. Be blessed forever and ever 🙏

  4. i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this song i cant believe i have been missing out on this good good stuff, wow God bless you Min Dunsin and crew , i'm Defo blasting this everywhere.

  5. I fell asleep one night playing sad songs on Youtube because I was hurt, after a while the Holy Spirit woke me up and this song was playing. I had to read and memorize the name of the song, then I went back to sleep playing it. I am blessed and uplifted in my spirit. Thank you Jesus!


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