Complete list of the Hallelujah Again songs


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  1. Oh Yes Lord Jesus Christ You Are A Miracle Working God You Are Truly Worthy Of Our Praises,De Ocean Divider ,Nothing Was Created Without You My Lord , You Are Divinely Worthy Of Our PRAISES.

  2. God thank you for everything.. I'm not going to forget ooohhh how you made a way for me… Glorious God. Thank you God for continuing to use Minister Nathaniel Bassey to bless us each day. I am transformed as a result.

  3. I am so blessed. Today I was going for a big meeting where we presented our budget for 2022/23 for consideration and approval, I prayed and fasted, seeking God to intervene. This music came to me and I worshipped God. I continue to wait on God for approval of our budget and complete provision. Praise God. He is a strong tower, way maker and He loves me.

  4. Please anyone passing by should remember me in prayers
    I really need it….I need your prayers

    I really need God..the holy spirit has gone far….HE is not within my reach but this is the time I need HIM most
    Please help me


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