Gregory Porter: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

July 18, 2016 by BOB BOILEN • Gregory Porter’s healing soul music sends a message of compassion, and he’s got a baritone voice that resonates love. When Porter visited NPR, we’d just learned that our colleague, photojournalist David Gilkey, had been killed while working on a story for NPR in Afghanistan. When Porter began singing the calmly beautiful “No Love Dying,” he may not have known how much it would mean to us. Yet this song of compassion and hope, from his Grammy-winning 2013 album Liquid Spirit, was just what we’d needed.

Porter and pianist Chip Crawford continued their thoughtful, entrancing set with “Take Me To The Alley” (the title track to Porter’s new album), a song about how we treat and think about those who live on society’s margins. Closing this Tiny Desk concert is “Don’t Be A Fool,” another new song of love, loyalty and trust. For us, Porter’s set provided a timely reminder that we can all use comfort, counsel and guidance — and that music can be serious and heartwarming without losing its sense of wonder and delight.

Take Me To The Alley is available now:

Set List:
“No Love Dying”
“Take Me To The Alley”
“Don’t Be A Fool”

Producers: Bob Boilen, Niki Walker; Audio Engineer: Josh Rogosin; Videographers: Niki Walker, Nick Michael; Production Assistant: Marissa Lorusso; Photo: Bob Boilen/NPR.

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  1. I love this episode tiny desk team. I have lost count of how many times I have watched. I remember during Covid when everyone was partying to a show on DSTV called Lockdown house party I was tuned in to one of the greatest live performances I have ever seen. This pair are like Charlie Parker and Thelonious Monk. Gregory Porter’s voice is amazing, Chip Crawford is godly on the keys.

  2. Love Gregory, always have, Chip is amazing, but can't believe how good this sound engineer is to actually help us to hear how amazing these two guys are. Congratulations!

  3. I’ve watched this video probably about 20 times over the last few months. This is about as real as it gets. True artistry from both gentlemen. When I watch this video or others like it I feel the beauty of humanity. All things considered, it’s a gift to be reminded now and again.

  4. If red wine had a voice, it would sound like this. With everything that is going on in the world right now (My country is going back into lockdown starting this night), it feels nice to know that there are still things that touch my soul. If you are reading this, know that you are valued and that you and your feelings have a right to exist. Like Bob Marley said a long time ago: 'Every little thing is gonna be allright'. Stay strong!

  5. Gregory Porter – I have just recently discovered his beautiful music. Oh yeah, what a fresh bouquet of musical expression he's brought to the musical soundscape(sic). He is something else. He's songs are about ordinary/every day issues. Most of his lyrics resonate with experiences you and I are familiar with. Profundity wrapped in lyrical simplicity – a great story teller he is. The voice, the music, the stage presence – yeah, the complete package on offer is totally divine. Long live the music of this 'gentle giant'. Play on or should I say sing brother sing, give us more of this beautiful music. I'm captivated and wrapped in awe by Gregory's musical offering.
    Theo Kgapola {Benoni}

  6. Just saw him perform at the royal Albert hall….. yes I cried like a baby 😭🤣 was an absolutely spectacular performance . Every time I listen to his music I feel like I’m right there at the concert . A rich voice indeed .🙌🏾🙌🏾


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