Great is Your Mercy – Donnie McClurkin (Gospel Goes classical SA)

Great is Your Mercy – Performed by Donnie McClurkin at the Gospel Goes Classical SA LIVE DVD Recording. Johannesburg, South Africa.



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  1. Let's keep in minne saints that yes salivation is a free gift but the lord requires holiness ,REPENTANCE and Rigteiuness of us. Dress holy, ralk holy. Nothing from the kingdom of darkness should be found on us or in our homes. For women long dresses, head covered in church and when praying, nothing fake, no make up, no earring, no pants .For men,,short hair ,nothing covering your head, pants . No tattoos. YES the lord cares about your heart but your body is his temple. He wants us to be holy inside and out. We are in the last days leave no reason to be claimed by the kingdom of darkness. Pray on it. This is biblical .

  2. I'm sure no one noticed how he involuntarily burst into tongues in the beginning, quickly covered his mouth, probably conversed with God a little inside, then ended up saying “hallelujah”.

  3. Great is your mercy towards me. Your loving mercy towards me. I love this song. Sent chills through my body. I love the Lord. All the many blessings he bestows upon me. His love and protection is what covers me. To everyone out there God bless you all and keep you safe.❤️🙏🏽💞🙌🏽💯🔥


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