Gravitas Ukraine Direct | Russia Vs Ukraine: Decoding Friday's biggest developments

The Normandy Talks have failed. The Russian Military has surrounded Ukraine. Where are things headed? Is a war inevitable? Palki Sharma decodes the possibilities with WION’s correspondents from Berlin, Washington D.C. & London.

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  2. AMERICA has always been supporting war and Rallying war because it’s the only way to keep its economy high. Even a school kid knows that. America is the ifrst country always been playing the HERO and the LECTURER when it comes to other countries . Without war the economy of AMERICA wouldn’t be be the way it seems to be . Selling it weapons it’s a strategy they always use. That’s why it plays the super role of wanting every country to see it as a SUPER POWER and everyone should be SCARED when the American president speaks out . That’s called bullying

  3. PLEASE, can someone give that poor old man (BIDEN) his pills, no one is invading anyone, stop that stupid rhetoric or we're all going to end up taking uranium out of our asses for 2 thousand years!

  4. For years the STAGE has been set for hundreds of thousands of DEATHS 🔥☠️🔥just for the GREED 💵💰 of the ZIONIST MAFIA (1.5 %)👹☠️🤑 LOOTING💄TERRORISING😡 the WORLD 🧕👲🙏

  5. ?? USA 👹☠️🤑☠️😡 has the MONI to fight a WAR 💥 ??? USA DEBT : DIRTY TAUSEND 30000 BILLION DOLLARS 🙄
    ZIONIST MAFIA (1,5%)👹☠️🤑 LOOTIN💄TERRORISIN 😡 the WORLD 🧕👲🙏 For years the STAGE has been set for hundreds of thousands of DEATHS 🔥☠️🔥just for the GREED 💵💰 of the ZIONIST MAFIA (1.5 %)👹☠️🤑 LOOTING💄TERRORISING😡 the WORLD 🧕👲🙏

  6. west were threatening putin and russia with sanction not willing to talk about nato membership of ukraine but still they are saying to the world media that working hard for peace . is that a joke.

  7. If NATO is purely a defensive organization and they are conscripting the whole of Europe as it's members, who are they defending themselves against? What happens if Russia also becomes a member? I see all these as a proxy war between Capitalism and Communism. The question is who among them is tramping on the others right of freedom and instigating a war?

  8. In a press conference in America and I'm from America when a reporter from the US asked one of mr. Biden's cabinet people where they gather information about this imminent War taking place that person would not tell the reporter anything. Because of the fraud in claiming that mr. Trump had been in collusion with Russians and because of the misinformation for the past four years when mr. Trump was in office about getting information from the UK about these so-called contacts with Russia I wouldn't believe anything that the state department is saying unless I could find out what the evidence is that they have because it sounds like some of it is made up and I don't know why but I didn't would be doing this but if there is a World War he cannot be replaced as president when his term runs out that's never been done and he could declare martial law in this country if there were spontaneous terrorist attacks by the ear and sleeper cells already in this country and that means we would have no constitutional rights here in this country if he declared martial law or. This is all excuse to start one world government and when that happens mr. Putin will not have any country to rule.

  9. Comment from the United States there is no way mr. Putin is going to do anything in Ukraine unless somebody from NATO start something because the Olympic games are too important to him and the date of February 20th is when his drills are supposed to stop then I heard the 28th. He is playing for time because he wants to put more troops in other areas so when he invades Ukraine it will be from multiple sides as the best way to take over the country and by taking over the capitol he gets the entire country. He is not afraid of sanctions because they haven't worked before and this is the major standoff because what Putin wants is no more NATO countries in the countries that surround His area and nobody is going to agree to that. That's why there will be World War 3 and all of the people in Ukraine are the only people who will be fighting unless somebody changed the NATO rules and goes in to help them because they're going to need help from someone. The arms are not good enough because if you're a Dead Soldier you can't shoot anybody

  10. Biden realizes such Big things in such short time in his country as well as international level…
    Congrats, US ! You get what you wanted for years now…
    Europe will is very grateful for your policy, burgers.
    Enough jokes ! I warn Russians for years now that West wanted to attack and now you can see.
    As an Indian media, you should be warned about what you see now will be for you in the future. With many kisses of course.
    Whatever happen now, I know that west is 100% responsible for this situation and Ukraine will suffer at 100% like it was planned.

  11. Of course mr. Putin will wait till after the Olympics because the athletes would be in danger then because they're coming from both of these countries and something could happen to use them as pawns. If anybody out there wants to understand mr. Putin strategy listen to on the Showtime app the interview with Oliver Stone the filmmaker who did the interview several years ago as I did and mr. Putin explains his understanding of the Ukraine conflict and why he is doing what he is doing. As wrong as he is you should listen to what he's saying because it tells you about his strategy even though he has going against what he has said many times before. His motives are clear and Showtime is available in an app or buy subscription you get one month free. I listen to all four episodes which take about five hours to listen to the whole thing and then War to understand your enemy you have to look at what they've done in the past. Mr. Biden has never been in a war has never served in the military and didn't listen to his generals when they told him what not to do with Afghanistan and remember this man is suffering from dementia and medications can make you do strange things but he's doing what the Democratic party is telling him to do not making decisions on his own I know that for a fact

  12. Comment from the United States on February 11th palki Sharma does a great job interviewing people but her question was how can Biden have his people that are Americans move out when Ukraine is going to be taking over. I found this question a little odd because pelkey does such a good job of presenting all the facts and obviously Biden who I will not call mr. President Because he believes in abortion and because of he is part of this far-left group that's destroying our country because mr. Biden said he obviously doesn't want another problem like what happened in Afghanistan so now he's telling people to leave I think it should have been a little sooner and that's a sign when your clothes your Embassy I think there's 158 people who are Americans and not ukrainians working in the embassy and there may be as many as 6,000 expatriates living in the Ukraine who are not going to be affected by weaving unless they do it this on their own it's a big mess. But he doesn't want to have it on his head like with Afghanistan when he did not follow what President Trump set up so that these people can't get out because he's not going to go in to get them he said that before because that violates NATO protocol. Only if Russia went across the border of any of the NATO countries for example if they invaded part of Russia would we get involved but only in that country. Ukraine is not going to be able to stand for this kind of war and this will be the beginning of World War Three. Those of us who are born again Christians believe that the Rapture of the church not the final second coming of Jesus at the end of the world but the Rapture of the church will happen Because of all of these world events before the Antichrist appears and we will be snatched away in the twinkling of an eye St Paul says. This is not Theory there are many good pastors who have explained this and you're not going to find the answers in the Greek Orthodox or Ukrainian Church because they don't talk about this even though it's in the Bible.

  13. BRANDON is really pushing the tension thru media to USE UKRAINE as his PAWN

    BRANDON sending arms to his pawn to make war to Russia while BRANDON is at the comfort of his own territory far away from the action

    Brandon will use European countries as his military bases and war ground


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