Gods Promises | 100+ Healing Scriptures With Soaking Music | Audio Bible | 12 hours (2020)

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  1. Hey everyone, Barrett & Jessica Bogan here from SOAKSTREAM! Writing you from our family vlog channel (come check it out if you want to). We wanted to remind you that the Lord's thoughts about you out number the grains of sand on the earth, and he bottles up all of your tears. He has written your name in the palm of His hand and no one can snatch you out of His hands. Nothing can separate you from His love and His Spirit dwells inside of you! We are praying you would know His love deeper and walk in deep encouragement in His Spirit, full of HIS supernatural joy, peace, and hope, and overflowing with HIS love for each other. We love you all so much and are so grateful for you joining us on our channels and praying for each other here. May God richly bless you as you pursue Him more and more each day. Blessings you guys! Let us know how we can be praying for you, with you, and over you in this season, and where you are tuning in from in the world. We love you in CHRIST! And here is our family vlog channel if you want to join us there as well http://bit.ly/TheBoganFamYT Blessings!

  2. Good Day. Please keep my dad in prayer. The doctors suspect it's cancer and his going for an endoscopy and biopsy in two days. Please pray with me against cancer and for complete healing upon his body. His name is Sagren. Thank you and God bless you.

  3. I'm asking for prayers I just lost my little dog. We were very close and I feel so lost without her. I beat cancer but I need help with getting back to some type of normal life to function

  4. So thankful for finding Soaking scriptures right after I discovered I had metastatic breast cancer. What a blessing they have been as I play them all night and I am able to sleep peacefully. Thank you so much for doing these wonderful recordings. God bless you abundantly.

  5. Praying for irina ifraimova doctors can saves lifes goods healthys be healthys have amazing healthys have a great healthys blessings healthys goods healthys be healthys praying for doctors can save irina's ifraimova life and longest lives longs to lives longs times goods healthys be healthys stay healthys goods healthys be healthys have amazing healthys have a great healthys blessings healthys goods healthys be healthys have amazing healthys irina's ifraimova

  6. I'm praying for all my friends and all my family be kind respectful polite honesty and True Heart and friendly and people be nice kind respect for honesty True Heart Irina ifraimova

  7. Praying for irina ifraimova to find my own TV show jobs I'm praying for Irina ifraimova to find her own TV show work good paycheck jobs I'm praying for Irina ifraimova to find a jobs and acting in the movies

  8. Please pray for my daughter, Brooklynne , she battles sleep deprivation as a person with narcolepsy. During the pandemic, she became extremely anxious and depressed, she was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder and had to be hospitalized. She frequently says "mom I am experiencing spiritual warfare." She was hospitalized for ten days and returned home. It has been a battle to get her appropriate treatment. It took almost a year to get her admitted to a residential facility. Mental health care is lacking. She was there for 30 days and then she was discharged with the insurance company saying they were told she was ready to step down to outpatient care, the facility saying the insurance company discontinued payment, and the outpatient treatment facility in our home town , (which by the way is the same facility that offers outpatient care) staying she should still be in residential care. She is now on a wait list for a day treatment facility near our home and will hopefully begin care in the next week or so. B loves the lord. She always, as a young adult and teen has had a personal relationship with God. Pray for her healing and deliverance. I know our Father in heaven can heal her. I worry about my child and her future. She is deserving of a bountiful life, as she has always been a kindhearted, humble, and obedient child of God. My daughter has always had such a close relationship with her father, even now he tries to comfort her with her every desire. Yet, he still seems distant and unreasonable at times. I pray our almost 30+ years of marriage will sustain us as.

  9. Praying for Gods intervention, for my pregnant daughter who will be induced tomorrow, 8 August 2022, my granddaughter in the womb has complications with brain, liver and heart. Thanking God in advance for his healing for my grand daughter and she is healed of all complications, and will be born healed and alive in Jesus name🙏Thank you my Father🙏

  10. Please pray for my physical health, and emotional health as
    I am my moms primary caregiver along with Hospice while she lives out her last days.

    Also cover my financial situation. Thank you

  11. i’m new to christianity, why do you go to hell if you don’t believe in jesus and god? isn’t that unmerciful? isn’t gods mercy limitless? what if i do not sin, and, if i do, what if i am forgiven by those who i have wronged and vow and pledge to not make such a mistake again? is god truly infinitely merciful?

  12. Please pray for my son he has stomach issues and has had several months off school for illness, he has recently recovered from a toe operation I trust that God will also heal his stomach in Jesus Mighty Name!

  13. Thank you so very much for your inspiration to reach and touch so many around the world, as Jesus say make disciples of many throughout all of the nation. May God so rightly bless you for work in His Kingdom, Amen…..🙏

  14. On 7/14/22, our
    20 years old son Azriel Garland-Gomez felt from a 25 feet roof. He broke his column, externon and several of his ribs. His lungs collapsed and were very bruised. Before his surgery, my son asked me twice to left him go due the excruciating pain and inability to breath. While he was holding and squeezing my hand I told my son no and then said "listen son, doctors are going to tell you a lot of things. Be kind and nice, but please do not believe nor received any of their words. Meanwhile, 15 brothers and sisters prayed and cried out with our family during almost 3 hours in the waiting room. Azriel s surgeon came later to let us known that Azriel is a miracle by having his upper part of his body functioning. Then of course, his words "but your son is not able to walk". One of his friends ask this surgeon if he was a believer. He answer yes. So, this amazing young men said "The God, we serve, is a God of miracles. To what I added "I had seeing many miracles and my son is not the last one." So until today, we are still declaring that our son Azriel is going to walk, run, and jump proclaiming the good news to many including his own generation. He is at Patricia Neal Rehabilitation Center, Knoxville, TN. To YAHWEH be the Glory, Power, and Authority. In Yeshua Jesus. Amen.

  15. I have been really struggling with being at peace where I am in my life right now. I even wrote down everything that God has blessed me with to choose to focus on that and not where I think I need to be right now. I am a 64 year old and really desire to be where the Lord wants me to be. I am really bored with my life right now. Sometimes I think I need a therapist!

  16. I’m joining in faith and praying with you guys..My fam needs is healing for my partner Bella from colorectal cancer and me for scrottal tumor and our son niel Francis from allergic rhinitis..God bless us all!


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