God’s Original Idea Part 1 | Dr. Myles Munroe

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God’s Big Idea Album Titles:

Disc 1 – God’s Original Idea Part 1
Disc 2 – God’s Original Idea Part 2

God’s Big Idea shows how God wants to make the earth a place of Kingdom harmony and peace beginning with you! You will discover things about God’s love and plan, such as how: Your destiny will be fulfilled right here on earth. You can enjoy continuous fellowship with the Lord. You are created to turn the earth into a place filled with His culture! Your decisions make a big difference in what happens on earth. Dr. Munroe explains how you can be directly involved in God’s Big Idea by helping plant and multiply His garden communities where all God’s children live fruitful and abundant lives.

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  1. We preach only what jesus ask to preach .but we don't preach hat jesus preach

    Can somebody explain me what jesus preach???

    If munroe sir would there he would give me satisfied answer

    But if somebody already had this answer

    Plz answer me…

  2. "The world has been a sleep under "THE NICODEMUS SYNDROME OF SPIRITUAL IGNORANCE", I cannot stop listening to this message until it sinks in my spirit, the Kingdom is not "THERE or Here", we will not find it in religion, or any other dead man philosophy, it is the influence of Gods Powerful Spirit in us, may we all receive the Holy Spirit of Our LIVING Lord Jesus Christ given of Him by the Father!

  3. I sincerely request if it possible plz translate in other languages also because this message is so so important for humans everybody should know his idea and improve their life. Life is filled with mess and confusion this is a light to all, a deliverance 🎉🎉

  4. Please please please, Munroe global, upload everything everything that Myles taught on the kingdom, everything please and don't omit even one second from the videos, let's seek the kingdom first. Amen

  5. I feel like a victim of tradition and religion and man made laws and systems. I know people mean well but sometimes people can be sincerely wrong and teach others the same because it was what someone else tough them to believe.

  6. You will know more about God and His kingdom with the help of this man, not through any so called saints or great philosophers of all time. Whatever the world is teaching from the beginning of time must be all aligned to what the Father and Jesus are saying. He is the only source of TRUTH. The rest of the world were afraid to claim they have the truth but only Jesus told that.

    Dr. Myles Munroe truly helped us understand the big difference between this world's teachings and God's kingdom's principles.

    So if you want peace of mind in your lifetime, get the TRUTH. This man will help you get it. 🤗🥰😇

    – "Papa Angelo, The Life Mentor", from the Philippines 🤗

  7. Myles Munroe is the Solomon of our time, The great bank reservoir of Divine wisdom and knowledge.
    He is my mentor, and I am coming out mightly with power and influence equiped with the original plan and purpose of the kingdom of heaven.


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