"GOD Restore Your Life's Purpose!" – Ravi Zacharias – (Be Strong and Courageous)

“GOD Restore Your Life’s Purpose!” – Ravi Zacharias – (Be Strong and Courageous)
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  1. Praying God will give special grace for all the victims have the full freedom to share their abuses happened over a decade both from USA itself and across countries internationally …

  2. Ravi preaches God's word filled with the power of the Holy Spirit, this word brought tears to my eyes and touched me deep inside my heart, we are born for a reason to live and this is to be a living testimony to others to draw others to the Lord🤲🤲

  3. I just found this beautiful god filled gentle man and i cryed too never to see him but he is with his father i am trying to find my way back to jesus my saviour god my father the holy spirit my blessing from god ❤❤

  4. Unmatched, Great chosen,vessel of God used so mightily by His Maker to fulfill the divine purpose of God on this planet earth.. I too started listening to him since last four months…

  5. Awesomely and brilliantly used by GOD to touch lives and hearts. You are such a jewel Dr. Ravi Zacharias. You have touched my life in a supernatural way. GOD is highly glorified, thank you for giving to the LORD.


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