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  1. Praise, Glory and Honor belongs to God, he is worthy to be Praised ♥️🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 I seek more of him everyday, I pray that I may in his present longer and forever more ,a deeper intimacy with him ,I pray that to for my family and my spiritual family, friends ,denying ourselves everyday, seeking him with all of our hearts in Jesus name, let pray for one another as a united family of Christ in THE NAME OF JESUS that nobody shall be left behind, PRAISE ,GLORY AND HONOR BELONGS TO OUR LORD ALMIGHTY HOLY POWERFUL INCREDIBLE RIGHTEOUS GOOD AND GRACIOUS GOD🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

  2. According to all the people on my channel I just need mental help god didn’t change me or my family’s life he’s not real and I’m just insane to think god could make me a nobody into a somebody telling me that he’s not coming to me all I feel is the lords presence there is a giant cross above my house the throne of Jesus is in the backyard you can literally see a giant throne of stars out there but I’m just lying to them god didn’t send me to show you all the truth of how there gods are gods of the hills I’m just drawing on the map yet time and time again I’ve proved it wasn’t my power that did this it was gods he showed me these things that’s why dragons are popping out of the land my wife drew this picture for me saying to build your house upon gods rock he moved us in the middle of the night followed a cross and a bright star to where we are now and as I walked the kids to school and I was coming back it dawned on me our entire foundation of the new home he put us in is a rock made of limestone and we are up high where the flood waters won’t reach us on sky rd

  3. Jesus Christ I'm sorry to make you wait I should have came to you in the first place I need to stop leaving in man and believe in you I need to stop believing in others and only listens to you you are my shepherd and I thank you for that thank you for taking me home thank you for healing me financially spiritually second Chance in life thank you for taking me home thank you Jesus Christ

  4. The wey he breath before each word😂🎀 allways rember god loves u he is Real thank u lord Jesus for taking care of us. Bless everybody how read this. Stey holy and remeber god love u. Repent for ur sinn cuz ur worthy and god and everything in hven. God is so loving. Never forget to pray Brothers and sisters.

  5. Isaiah the pastor is a big hypocrite. Look at what he preaches for his father, high ranking Christians compared to poor Christians. He is making himself a judge using unbalanced weights. God is not a respecter of persons. God is not a hypocrite. That is not God's spirit perverting justice and partiality through this 2022 preacher name Isaiah.


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