God Is Good All The Time – Don Moen Worship Song, Best Christian Song 2021, Praise and Worship

God Is Good All The Time – Don Moen Worship Song, Best Christian Song 2021, Praise and Worship
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Don Moen is a worship leader who has written many great songs like Thank You Lord, Our Father, Give Thanks, God Will Make A Way, God Is Good All The Time and more. This channel uploads the top Don Moen praise and worship gospel songs with full playlists of the best Christian music on YouTube!

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  1. 돈모엔 목사님 감사합니다 17년전에 비디오를 통해서 처음 보게 되었는데 이제는 이렇게 유튜브를 통해서 매일 찬양 듣고 있습니다 ^^ 그때 이찬양 알게되고 얼마나 되감기를 해서 많이 봤는지 모르겠네요 ㅎㅎ

  2. My life was focus for many years full of worries and focusing on earthly things. I started to forget that there's more important than materials, I even forget to thank our God Father in heaven in all the blessings that he have given, I Didn't even see those blessings. One day I talked to my mother that I feel empty, sad and it seems no contentment, and it feels there's something wrong, my mother reminds me that the only way of true happiness is to pray to our God Jesus Christ, and lift up all burdens upon Him. the first songs I Remembered on my head after talking to my mother are all Don Moen's songs, these songs reminds of my childhood where I am more close to God above, I would like to ask a forgiveness to our God Father for those times I forgot Him and instead focusing too much on earth.


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