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  1. 9 The Hebrew word for prophet is nabi and this word means: "spokesman" not miracles-bearer or anointing-bearer but spokesman. You see? The prophet messenger is the attribute and the manifestation of the Word of God for his generation. [Kc.60v24]

    10 If a ministry of Ephesians 4:11 does not act, God's plan will be fulfilled. But God can neither do without nor replace the prophet messenger. Let him refuse like Jonah, God will use him … And a prophet messenger, it’s not to have some big church but a book like Moses, Isaiah, Jeremiah… And today, this Sunday, millions of sermons will be given in the whole world, in all the languages of the earth and out of these millions of sermons, only one will be maintained and hoisted forever on top of the world in all the languages of the earth. And from generation to generation, this sermon will never be forgotten. And this sermon is the one of the prophet messenger of the generation. It’s the only thing God can recognize. In the days of Jeremiah, there were many books, there were many “words of God”, there were many prophets but the words of only one prophet resisted the centuries up to us and they are the words of Jeremiah. And it was thus from generation to generation, since the foundation of the world. [Ed:  The congregation says, “Amen!”]


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