God Answered My Prayers In 5 Days

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God Answered My Prayers In 5 Days

Jordan and James are a testimate to God’s faithfulness. Jordan started a prayer journal and began writing the things she was looking for in a man and intentionally praying for him. FIVE DAYS after she started this journal, James walked into her life. It was like God was saying “I hear you Jordan, I know the desires of your heart and I want you to have that because you are my precious daughter” and he gave her the gift of James. Jordan has two sons that James loves as his own and we are super excited to have witnessed all four of them officially becoming a family. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Gormley!



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  1. I feel like I've never commented in one of these videos. but, I've been subscribed. i just honestly wanna say you're videos are incredibly beautiful!! I love watching these kinda of videos especially from you guys!! they are amazing. ❤

  2. I love everything about this woman she is God fearing loving and just straight up sweet. That man is so great for taking both her and the kids I just love this video!😍😁
    And of course the great editing and perfect moments captured by wedflix I haven't been subscribed for too long but I've watched every video of yours😁😁😍😍


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