Getting Tired of "Me" | Pastor Steven Furtick

If you get trapped in a loop about yourself, you will only see your flaws, your weaknesses, your shortcomings. And that is a very lonely place to be. It may be time to get yourself a new loop.

This clip is from the message “Silent Sermons” To watch the full message, click here:

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  1. That ending, “life is bigger than what goes on in here (our head, mind)” Yes! You told me. I needed that awakening. Lately I haven’t been able to get out of my head and sometimes you just need someone to snap you out of it! Thank you pastor!

  2. David got some mad skills 🙌🏼😍 really was soulful.
    On a different note, it always impresses me how Pastor Furtick is able to put things into perspective using anything modern as an example and that’s a divine gift. Helped me to reach where i am now spiritually.
    🙏🏼🙏🏼 Grateful

  3. lord show your love mercy and grace in your mighty name thank you Jesus for always being here through my days and years I Michael Lopez give you all praise and glory amen

  4. Pastor I had the realist prayer this morning, I struggle with cycles, it seems every fall season I fall into my list habits. I'm 50 days totally clean (pray for me warriors).
    I open my youtube to see this video at the top, and I'm a BEATBOXER! Loops are my favorite thing.. and so to have this sermon be using the tool I use to decompress and for it to be talking about exactly what I just prayed to our lord about… Wow. Thank you so much for what you do, bless you!

  5. God has caught me in a cycle of ME! I wake up- how will I get through MY day! I attempt Bible study— this is going to take a lot of effort on MY part. I study for school— so much of MY time is being occupied. I care for my dog— he demands so much from ME. I am lonely (I want a friend for me)! I miss me ex (I want someone to hold me)! No wonder I feel so miserable! I need to change my view on things. It’s not all about me! 🤦🏻‍♀️
    Forgive my rant, but maybe WE can learn together. 🤪 I wake up— how can I live for God today! I attempt Bible study— how can I better lead others to Christ! I study for school— this is going to help save so many lives! I care for my dog— this is going to make him feel so happy! He/she is lonely (maybe I can be a friend for them). He/she wants to be held (maybe I can comfort them). A life that revolves around me is miserable. It’s time to end this cycle and swap my perspective.


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