Get To The Good Part | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church

If things aren’t good, God’s not done. In “Get To The Good Part,” Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church turns to the story of …


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  1. If you read this, Pastor Steve, please pray for me. Pray that I can make it to the good part… I need to see the good part because my heart is so tired. Thank you for being such a good and faithful servant of the Lord. Be blessed!

  2. You know, people will say, “I needed this.” And they very well may have meant it but when I tell you this was like walking through the desert and getting a cool drink of water. My God. 😔 Unfortunately, I am the current target of 2 of my neighbors who swear they hate me but can’t give a legitimate reason or something that I’ve done to them. And as my Aunt said, “If you have to search that hard it’s usually nothing.” I used to talk the one of the ladies because a lot of her words were extremely uplifting and she was a Christian woman. One day, after she stopped talking to me randomly for the second time her family member said to me to think nothing of it because that’s just how she is. It hurt but hey🤷🏽‍♀️. I prayed about it & even kept trying to speak to her & be polite. This woman is between 60-70 yrs old. My other neighbor has been disliking me since they moved in. Again, not sure why. Currently both of these women have gotten together to curse me out, threaten my life, etc. Both of them have tried to put their hands on me. I have cried many times trying to figure out what I did. I remember my late mother’s words, she would tell me that sometimes people will be angry & jealous & because they are dealing with inner demons, they will inflict their pain etc onto you. Besides other things in life that I am going through, & that I became overwhelmed & was ready to give up. I’ve gone through a lot…horrible relationship, family doesn’t act like family, no support, & Im a single mother. Plus my brother & his baggage. I NEEDED THIS. Thank you Lord. It’s not over yet…please help me through.

  3. I'm gonna make it!!! God's brought me too far to leave me!!! Some things in my life I will never understand but I have purpose and I'm not letting the devil keep me from my purpose!!!


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