Fukuyama: Putin Is Raising The Stakes To Justify The ‘Unjustifiable’

Political theorist Francis Fukuyama, author of “The End of History and the Last Man,” joins MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss how he thinks the war in Ukraine ends.
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  1. Why does Fukuyama matter. He literally predicted the end of history. How’s this for history for you? He was mistaken to call the world “liberal”. The world he inherited was in fact fascist.

  2. The destruction of Putin is the key to this,not the destruction of Russian Society. NATO must be careful because if Putin continues into Poland. NATO has a problem. If Ukraine can hold them, NATO will hammer them, and Putin will go Nuclear. I HOPE for a Kremlin coup. Let's see what leadership continues. Hopefully Navalny.

  3. No one cares what Putin has to say he is a war criminal and murderer of innocent women and children and baby’s and he can not be allowed to live and his army must be destroyed

  4. he's right. don't worry about nuclear war. The only people who have ever "demonstrated" such "capabilities" have been caught in so many lies that I don't see why anybody would believe this. The Mouse that Roared. What decade was that? 1950s? they knew, today we don't know because we believe our grandparents through our parents and they all were fooled.

  5. Putin's best possible legacy?
    "Last major war criminal."
    The ugly historical details: How many innocent deaths? How he dies?

    YUGE lies from Russia, but the truth will come out.

    Solution: How can WE most quickly implode the key kleptocrats supporting Putin?

  6. Putin, Zelensky and Biden are all in a hot air balloon

    Unfortunately, the balloon is starting to lose altitude fast and all 3 realize that they need to lose weight. Putin throws out a bottle of vodka: “We have too much vodka in Russia anyway.”

    Biden throws out an Gun and says “We have too many weapons in the United States anyway.”

    Zelensky throws out Putin and says “We have too much of that in Ukraine anyway.” But the balloon crashes anyway due to the massive weight of Zelensky’s balls.

  7. Yes, Putin is forcing a nuclear exchange. His equipment is WW2; I believe he holds his troops back to force a bombing. WW2 epuiment is not subject to nuclear bombing. Hitler all over again. Make the wrong move; Putin wins

  8. We do not want to destroy Russia and the Russian Citizens, we want the dictators of Russia to be eliminated and we want Russia to become a democracy. The dictators and their close friends taking advantage of the Russia people for decades need to be prosecuted in justice.

  9. Putin should just say they are after Ukraine's WMDs, and then after they overthrow the Ukrainian regime and just tell the world WMDs were not found but they are still searching this excuse worked the last time why not this time? Oh yeah because Putin doesn't have the lying propaganda MSM on his side.


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