Fear or Faith: One Has To Win | Pastor Steven Furtick

It’s a showdown between what you feel and what God spoke. And the winner is determined by your focus.

This clip is from the message “Wind vs. Word: Trusting God’s TIming” To watch the full message, click here: https://youtu.be/oLgheXUYIzw

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  1. this vid got me through some really bad doubt, and when I was going through the worst storm of my life these words comforted and helped me. Pastor Furtick my dream is to become a pastor and preach and bless peoples lives just like you did mine. God bless you brother and thank you.

  2. Watching this over and over again when i'm feeling weak and wanting to give up. So far i've been holding to God's word, His promise to me. I'll came back to this message when everything is okay and it would definitely will In Jesus Name!💜

  3. Wow dude. I just tuned into this because I wasn't feeling like reading tonight for bible study, but this immediately set my heart on fire! Exactly what I needed to hear.


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