Faithful Wounds Part 2 – Bishop T.D. Jakes

You’ve set your course for your destiny straight ahead of you. You’re wide-eyed and optimistic about how your life will go. But, as you travel, you hit a storm you didn’t see coming. It may be bewildering, but this disruption is a test of your ability and your faith. Because even when your promise seems paralyzed, Jesus is still working on your behalf to prepare you for the water. Are you going to step out of the boat and walk forward in faith or sink in fear?

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Message: Faithful Wounds Part 2
Scripture: Proverbs 27:6 (KJV); John 15:1-9 (KJV)
Speaker: Bishop T.D. Jakes
Date: July 27, 2022

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  1. God Bless You Bishop, you through God and TV, gave me hope, I've never fit in, listened to someone with my perspective on southern Baptist, sit down, be still, put your hands in your lap, I tend to use my hands when I'm making an important point… Call me, almost no one has this number so I answer all calls now, if an ad comes up when I'm listening watching your sermons online… Again, Blessed beyond imagination and Highly Favored, woohoo..woo-hoo… Love the woods And all the critters… Didn't hear your series the Wilderness, figured it out the hard way, Taurus the Bull Western side… Fire Horse eastern side s 11242 11231 218 242 246 252 255 256 11301 306

  2. I get so blessed everytime I do… Bishop, I'm that 5'9 country girl, Daddy's Girl you been sittin' in the room with since You voice came over the TV speaker and my whole house shook… Love the dove, beautiful…

  3. 13:40 on this video is so key.
    You want me to be consistent but you're not consistent. Interesting. Really good lesson here. You can't be faithful and leave. Stability

  4. I’m soo blessed thank you Jesus, in a transitioning season it’s so painful but I’m glad he’s in control. Your desires for me over my own selfishness desires!!💜

  5. Thank God for Jesus Christ I love 💕 you Always Lord and I Love you Natchal Please continue to call on Jesus the spirit hears your crying 😂 Look up and feel Jesus spirit Amen

  6. The Lord never fails to deliver great revelation especially in the midst of a storm. Thank you Bishop for the gentle delivery of the Lords word. Abide, Reciprocity and Stability. Thank You Abba for your word that never returns void.

  7. I got really Blessed by this teaching/Preaching; Concentrate on not being mediocre but concentrate on the areas where I can be most effective and see His fruit grow in others through me, the fact that I need to prune more, more than I already have. What really stood out and grasped hold of my emotions, my spirit was : – " Your later days will be your greater days, not just the former rain but also the later rain, for you are coming into a New Harvest, a later day harvest (I am 63 yrs old, as a Messianic Jew these should be my priestly years, not so Yet!) a Full Harvest, and Increase in the Harvest". To be effective in the Kingdom of Adonai, to increase the followers of Y'eshua Ha'Messiach, to serve. Thank You sir for being faithful in your messages from the Throne Room. Todah Rabah Shalom Aleichem

  8. Amen
    …this message is for me. Te to say no. Accept corrections from friends and focus on God!!! I won't br afraid to wound. God has an amazing plan abd I thank God for it.

  9. PREACH BISHOP!!!!🙏🙏Yes Lord, Amen and Amen 🙏🙏 It's sticking, It's sticking !!! Thank you once again, for delivering God's word!!! 🥰God bless you and your family!!!!🙏


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