Embrace the Prophetic Gift | Give Him 15: Daily Prayer with Dutch | August 17, 2022

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  1. Yes father…thank you Dutcch Sheets !!
    You're a force for the Lord…I greatly
    appreciate your. Joyful and respectful
    ways…..you are wonderful, in Christ s

  2. This guy and his brother are full of crap. This saith the Lord. I will exposed you and everything you have stolen from the people I will strip from you and I will feed you to the raven

  3. Thank you so much my dear brother, the way you deliver the Give Him15 words, with the unique giftings our Lord has given you, always bring a calming, peace to the start of my day! I'm so thankful for your prayed through words of wisdom that have helped me bring balance to the many voices that are out there in Christendom. I will stand in faith, listening to Aba's voice clearer today, thanks to you Dutch. Lord bless you and the family, and let us stand united in the body of Christ, to use our voices to affect Godly change in our nation and in the world for the glory of God! Looking forward to hearing the conversations with your prophetic guests on Fridays as well! 🙏🕊❤

  4. Looking forward to the prophetic! From South Africa side, I also loved President Trump for what he stands… And I just like that man, because he is a non conformist… I'm sure God hear his name often through people's prayers…..

  5. Question: If God really is giving you prophecies like the prophets that are recorded in Holy Scripture does that mean your words should be taken and recorded as Holy Scripture too? If not then how can you be sure that you are not a false prophet or in danger of blaspheming the Holy Spirit? Please respond.

  6. So disappointing to hear of your switched view on Trump being reinstated to the White House before 2024. You still have my respect but wish there was a little more explanation of the change as I remember many statements from you vehemently encouraging viewers to not lose their faith in that very thing.

  7. i contend for "when the thief is caught, he must pay back 7 fold".
    the stolen election of 2020 needs justice. The Lord knows i have asked him (as well as many of His other children) to put the rightful President back in the oval office before 2024, to show the enemy he cannot get away with theft.

  8. I do not consider or refer to President Trump as the previous president. I believe heaven recognizes him as the current president. I choose to agree with heaven. Prophet Robin Bullock stated recently, "the prophetic walks in tomorrow and recognizes the pieces today". I trust God and pray for all our prophetic leaders to discern rightly ❤️

  9. Thank you for your faithfulness to these daily messages. They are informative and always encouraging. I’m glad you spoke about the prophetic today. Unfortunately this movement of God to give us His words more directly does bring confusion because of our own beliefs and opinions. Another way for the enemy to cause divisions. We must keep our eyes on Jesus only. 🙏🏻

  10. Respectfully disagree wholeheartedly with your assessment of current events. We woke up and discerned the times and voted for President Trump. It was stolen from hundreds of millions of Americans. God is going to expose it. Please stop agreeing with that theft.

  11. Mr. Sheets, this is too subtle, and as big as an influence you’ve become in the emergent NAR movement, you need to repeatedly and loudly state day after day to your many listeners: Trump is not coming back before 2024, Trump is not coming back before 2024, Trump is not coming back before 2024. Far too many good American Christians got caught up in Mr. Trump’s election lies, and placed their hope in the wrong thing. What you stated today is not something that should be hidden in the middle of a daily message – proclaim it repeatedly for all to hear. American Christians need to move on from this sad episode of false hope.

  12. Having watched Mr. Sheets during his time rallying the spiritual troops to overthrow the 2020 election, I wonder why the change in belief now? Did I misperceive his stance back in November 2020 through mid-2021? Why now the change in mind about who the President is? And why “hide’ it under a video title which doesn’t clearly indicate this HUGE announcement? Why not come out boldly like other Christian prophets and influencers and state outright “I WAS WRONG ABOUT PRESIDENT TRUMP”? Isn’t that more honest?

  13. Amen! The platform of the policies that each party embrace..is seen. They are not hidden. How can professing Christians vote for a platform that promotes and celebrates principles that directly oppose God.
    No brainer..

  14. Is it the fact that we hear more or we’re just listening better. I think in his times we are listening more because we are knees closer to the ground to hear where he is marching.

  15. Dana Cover stone, another minister, has had several prophetic dreams, I would like to know what other brothers and sisters think of his dream, titled "Hail to the Chief" It is a very detailed dream.


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