El Roi: God Sees Me – Bishop T.D. Jakes

Are you feeling unseen, in an unchanging season? There’s something you need to know: God sees you. In your weak place, God sees you. When others look past you, God sees you. When you feel hopeless, empty, and stuck, God sees you. But when God gets ready to move, He will MOVE. He will come to where you are, in that place of desolation where the odds are stacked against you, and change the landscape. You will not die in the desert because of El Roi! God is able. Do you have faith enough to give Him a “desert” praise? ⁣

Message: El Roi: God Sees Me⁣
Scripture: Genesis 16:4-15 (KJV)⁣
Speaker: Bishop T.D. Jakes⁣
Date: Sunday, July 26, 2020⁣

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  1. I received this message today, at the time when I desperately needed to hear it. El Roi! God who sees me! Thank you for this word! Thank you for the victory! Thank you for a new and victorious chapter! Every word from 1.05 minutes was for me. Thank you Bishop T D Jakes! Bless God! El Roi! God who sees me!

  2. Bishop Jakes is always delivering me a special word from God. Christ is the King of Peace praise God. We are more than conquerors threw Christ who strengthens us!

  3. I love you Lord for the Mercy that you gave, all my life. ALL MY L8FE I HAVE BEEN FAITHFUL, ALL MY L8VE I HAVE BEEN SO GOOD, BECAUSE of the Goodness of Lord. I give Power, Respect and Glory. I thank you for Blessing of giving the best gift for 18years Naledi I l9ve you Lord.

  4. All MY LIFE I was living to give my family and friends. I was trapped with ( Black Tax is the term we use when family feels entitled to your money, what they saw in me was a Bank, hence they hated my child.

  5. I resigned from being the only Epidemiologist in the Ministry of Health after 14 years of Service. But God I see that if my child passing was painful. If I was still to lead the control of the COVID pandemic I would have died by now. Thank you God for closing that door.

  6. Bishop I cannot Speak properly now. Satan is holding my lower Jaw, I cannot even Scream and praise. During virtual interviews for a Job. My teeth and Gums problem pain is unbearable 😫. I am listening to you everyday I pain. I refuse to eat and my God family force me to eat. I eat Baby food mixed with food supplements. It's unbearable.

  7. Bishop it is painfull to witness our Black Sisters pulling down others sisters in Political power. Ask Felicia Mabuza-Shuttle how they treated her on her talks how here. Until she moved back to her husband in the US.

  8. People get infected by COVID at household and Public domain not I Hospitals. The backbone of Universal Health Avarage is prevention which superceded patient care. HCW under routine circumstances work Under high infections and prevention. Our country SA the whole Minister took R125m earmarked for COVID prevention. Never reprimanded instead resigned. But the money was tracked to supporting his son farm 😲

  9. I still fight for recognition of Poters and cleaners that handle and drive patients and home bosses soiled linen infected by Sars Cov-2. Then they are separated from Frontline Health care worker. I will use pen, my voice,my women without man African face.


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