Draw The Lines – On Pornography – Ravi Zacharias

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  1. I can see on his face that he is fake evangelist..i heard about him few years ago and i watch him on YouTube i didn't know all this things and i say to my husband "this is not what the people think he is,he is not full of holly spirit"..and i'm sorry that i was right:(( i just find out yesterday that he was what he was.

  2. I never got it when Ravi would say it is easier to understand a Christian man committing adultery with real flesh and blood than watching images on a screen. He could understand it because he was actually doing that. But I think a lot of Christian men have absolutely committed themselves to no flesh and blood adultery and find themselves in their weakness looking at images instead.

  3. It’s understandable to struggle with porn considering how easy it is for a young kid to get hooked nowadays…. But to sexually harass women no excuses 💔💔💔🤦‍♂️😔

  4. This is how deceitful this sin can be. It took this man down. He gave in and it’s mostly will remember him by. Lord Jesus give us the legs to run from this sin!

  5. Didn't it come to light right before he died of cancer, that he was screwing around with a number of women? I heard he didn't admit his transgressions nor did he repent. That's why the Bible tells us to be careful pointing out others sins unless you take care of the sin in your own life. I wonder where he's spending Eternity now that he's died?

  6. he was a gift to the church , he will be missed, thank you Ravi for being a great example of faithfulness. You always said the truth. people always going to be greatful for the work you did to the church.
    Just like Louie Giglio said at passion.
    You were the most smartest person on earth but your intelligence was to illuminate people's mind with the truth

  7. I think all the comments saying Ravi's affairs hurts this message are all wrong.

    I am not justifying what he did, it was horrible to hear about all of it.
    But I personally think Ravi suffered, I can't say it for certain but I look at the man above and look at the man reported and they just don't link.

    I know there are Hypocrites, especially among Christians cause we have much more of a.. full-plate when it comes to behavior, but I think Ravi might have been under the sin of addiction.
    He should have spoken up, yes.
    He should have confessed much much earlier, yes.
    He never should have let it get as far as he should, Yes.

    But I think on the inside this man was suffering for what he'd done. What he was doing.
    He was wise and a great teacher, his messages are some of the greatest ever told.

    So what he does, doesn't hurt truth or his messages, only proves we are all capable of horrible things if we let sin grab us by the throat, so my Christian family out there, please do not condemn Ravi or Christ because of the ruin that Lust made, rather pray for others to not succumb to the same fate, and to keep in mind no matter how famous, no preacher will be perfect, that is why our faith is rooted in Jesus and not man


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