DP Ruto recognises Martha Karua, invites her to speak | National Prayer Breakfast

#NationalPrayerBreakfast #PrayerBreakfast2022
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  1. Why rutos apology is not convincing it was more opportunistic than genuine. There are 3 steps to give an opology

    The apology was more opportunistic than it was genuine

    this being the case i would like to give the dp three steps on how to make a

    genuine apology

    step one

    Be sincere actions speak louder than words people actually need to believe that you mean what you say but looking at the actions of the dp it is evident that ruto is the king of double speak he says one thing when it suits him and another when it does not for instance

    1. one day he says that the inland depot in naivasha was good

    yeah and on the other another day he says that he will close it and take business back to mombasa on one hand he tells us that he advocates for the rights of squatters

    but then we discover that kritikos gave him allegedly 2 500 acres of land that

    was meant for said squatters

    2. He spent the past year bashing bbi only to turn around and promise his allies parts of bbi preach we're even surprised that he has not reneged on his biggest blunder yet picking gashagwa as his running mate when all along he had promised it to kitsura kindiki

    so excuse me when i did not find his apology insincere

    step two

    Do not use a national platform as sacred as the national prayer breakfast to further your own cause and if you must do so at least do so cleverly this is not even the first time he has

    done such a thing

    1. remember that during the funeral of president Kibaki ruta also took the opportunity to insult the president his boss and further his own cause and then just a month later he

    asks that same president for forgiveness despite making the president a second

    term a living hell i ask again was this apology sincere.

  2. Proud to be an East African. Wise words from Kenya's great leaders. May the rest of the region emuliate Kenya's civilised leadership. Uganda more especially, follow suit. May the coming general elections be the most peaceful in the whole world.


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