Dont Run with the Herd – Bishop T.D. Jakes [November 24, 2019]

Herds are encompassed by “them” and “they”: key players who have an intense sense of belonging, which causes them to plant …


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  1. They will get justification to kill me because I know the System. They are paranoid. I will keep Classified for the Cage conversation. Too many sharks in the ocean. I will pick up plan B from David.

  2. "It's Time to Run and Stay On Track. I'm the Light, he that followeth me Shall Not walk in Darkness" Help me realise I've reached Deliverance=It's Over.
    "† Let me know I'm Washed Inside †."
    "Go and Sin No More!!"
    "I Praise HIM Because HE Stooped Down For me"

  3. Jesus is so wonderful he's so wonderful I thank God for the victory I thank God for the power that he gives me I thank God for joy and peace I praise God I give him all the glory and pray I thank him for the victory I thank you for the strength and the faith that he gives me he got up with all power I thank him I praise him


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